July 25, 2013

I'm so crazy, when I start blogging, sometimes I can't stop.

I haven't been replying my comments on my blog for quite awhile now - also, I am a bit sad cos I actually accidentally deleted quite a few of them (on the same page) cos my fingers were too fast on my phone, and yknow how laggy blogger is on the iP5 Safari right?!?!?!

I'm here today to answer some questions that I have gotten, whether it be thru email/comments/twitter... any and every platform. There are a lot of questions and comments and stuff I've been hearing about myself that I have never even knew so I also wanted to use this chance to clear things up.


1. Questions on surgery/fillers : "Have you had plastic surgery/fillers?", "You look so different from your old pictures on your blog", "PLASTIC BITCH" etc etc....
No, I have never had plastic surgery. A tiny lil part of me (whenever I see all the beautiful girls who have had stuff done) wishes I had enough money and courage to do it, and TIME. If you guys have been reading my blog a long time and go thru my entries, you would see I have NEVER stopped posting pictures of myself. If people have surgery, they need at least 1-2 months downtime (as you would know, with a little research..) and their face CANNOT be hidden even with mad crazy awesome photoshopping skills...... I should be looking like ZhuBajie. But there are no gaps in my blog.
However!!!! I have had aesthetic and temporary enhancement to my face before, (this is easy to find if you scroll back a few months, actually) and I am also not ruling out possibility that I will continue getting aesthetic enhancements like this, like when the filler dissolves. But actually, probably not any time soon as neither my family nor friends like the idea of it at all.

Reason I look different?
I have a few actually :
-I wore braces for almost two years, I believe they changed my face by quite a bit. I used to have buck teeth!!! Super buck!
-I have lost quite a bit of weight from the past, 
-I have used double eyelid stickers to push my eyelids up, and wear big-eye contacts
-I gotta say my makeup skills have improved tremendously!!!! Thank you so much to all the youtube makeup gurus!! I do conturing and all now ^^ 
-My hair is also MANYYYY shades lighter now... many....

Yes, you could say I am not a natural beauty - I really did work hard to 'zhng' myself (LOL HAHAAA) and am still working towards the best-looking me. Yes. I'm insecure without makeup, I would most definitely choose to go out with a fully made up face cos I dislike how tired I look....
BUT!!! I am actually much more confident than I was now, I do go out sometimes with my naked face/glasses... and am definitely so much happier with my reflection now when I have my makeup on, enough to dare and try different kinds of makeup. I am so much happier, that's what is important, so shoot me. (I know I will totally regret looking like this when I look back a year or 2 from now HAHAHAHAHAHAHA but don't we all laugh at our old pictures?! It's always funny cos we are always changing! Just think of the time when looking emo, with a lot of fringe, and goth was totally in!!!!)

2. Who takes your outfit photos?
Usually my boyfriend, family, friends... whoever I am with. OR THE VERY TRUSTY SELF TIMER!

3. Who is Melvin to you? Won't your boyfriend be jealous because you're so close to Melvin?
Nope. Firstly, I kinda knew Melvin thru him. Also, we treat Melvin like our brother/a very close friend. Melvin will never like me as more than a 'sister'/I will never like him in any special way! 

4. Where did you get the Dolce Vita from?/sandals at the Aquarium from? And other questions pertaining to where I get my shoes from.
I usually buy my shoes online, or from H&M/Topshop.
Try ASOS/Gojane... Solestruck? If not, they are sponsored by my lovely sponsors!

5. Do you know you were on STOMP?
Yes. Nothing else to say about this except it's pretty damn amusing that it's anything at all to be posted there or anywhere else actually. LOL!!!

6. What is your hairstyle called? What do you tell the hairstylist when you cut it?
I don't, actually. I always leave it up to Bryan, my stylist at Essensuals Bugis. I'll just say "Not too short, 1 inch is the MAX ok!!!".

7. Where did you do your eyebrow embroidery? Is it sponsored?
Sophia BrowHouse at Marine Parade. I opted for 3D embroidery which is different from usual tattoo embroidery. Actually it has faded already!! I must go back for my touch up soon... and nope, I paid for it.

8. What course are you doing in Lasalle? How did you get in? Will you be taking degree?
I am doing fashion communications in Lasalle. It is a 3 year course for a Diploma, inclusive of a 1 year 'foundation' study in year 1. To get in, you have to have a portfolio and go for an interview. More details can be found on the website! Do google, don't be lazy :p 
Also... I am now in my last year. Just this last lap to go till I get my Diploma! I am still undecided about taking my degree. I want to, but I don't know yet.....

9. How did you manage to cut off people from your life? Any regrets?
(Regarding friendship)
I have actually made up with the two people that I didn't talk to for some time. Reason is simple - now I am older, I can see clearer. I used to be the sort of person who is either YES, or NO. It's either someone exists to me, or they don't if we can't get along. However... the way I see things now : you pick your battles. You don't have to cut someone off or totally ignore the existence of a person when you can't get along with them. Just don't get too close, or let anyone get hurt in any situation. 'Anyone' is inclusive of yourself.
What I can say about friendships now is that I've really learnt to differentiate between friends and acquaintances. Online, everyone chooses only what they want to reveal about themselves, you never really know them. I am not saying I am trying to be someone else on my blog, but I definitely wanna portray the better side of me, and I wouldn't be posting unflattering pictures of myself flossing my teeth, farting/burping/yawning.... All of which my friends and family witness, ALL DA TIME. I even send pictures of my double chins to them. HAHAHAHA. 
Compare the current me to the me 10 months ago - I really cherish friendship so much more now.. all these people who know the true me in person, know how bad I can be, but have chosen to stick around and always take such good care of me : I am always thankful and I always let them know. 

10. What camera are you using?
Samsung EX2F. I love it! 

11. How tall are you? What size of clothing do you usually wear? I am as small as you and it's so hard to find fitting clothes!
I am a UK4-6 (more UK6 now after lotsa eating tho hahahahehehe), 156cm. I alter some of my clothes, fold them, or simply put on a belt! Anyway nowadays the clothes from blogshops in general are made smaller, I think?

The controversial and sensitive stuff.
12. Why are you are such a show off? Why are you so spoilt and bratty? Do you know so many people hate you? Why are you so irresponsible when it comes to advertorials, don't you know a lot of people are unhappy with you? Why do you speak such bad English, you sound so Singlish?

First of all...
So of course I sound super Singlish! And I am not ashamed of it. I am proud of our Singlish, cos it is much easier to get our points across. (Example : "Please stop doing whatever you are doing" = "Stop it leh". SEE????? Gets the point across easily with minimum amount of effort. I love Singlish!!!)

Secondly, Yep, I definitely agree that I am SUPER spoilt and EXTREMELY dependent. This is one of my biggest flaws.
Not really a blessing if you think about it, but the reason is I really am super duper blessed with amazing family/friends/boyfriend who always take care of me and my every need it's crazy... Plus I grew up the 'princess' of both sides of my family cos I am the youngest out of all of the cousins. 
While it's true that I may have been bratty but I am trying my best to be independent for quite awhile now. I have been trying to cut back on cabs, and I have not taken allowance/any money from my parents, I think for more than a year now, and I give my mom money too as she quit her pretty high-paying job awhile ago due to stress.

Third of all, I am also actually quite stingy with myself... Something I never was until I started making my own money. Money is truly hard to earn, no job is ever easy. So yeah, even if I am super thirsty on the way home, I'll just wait till I walk home and have water instead of buying a drink the station's 7-11.
Yes, I do love luxurious things and treat myself to nice things here and there with big buys that I do feel very 'heartpain' about but am always encouraged to buy anyway by my family/boyfriend who see me staying up to draft posts or reply emails... and they will say "You worked hard for it, nothing wrong with treating yourself to it or taking a picture of it and posting it anywhere. It's your hard-earned achievement anyway."... (funny how they are also the ones who nag about it after I buy it HAHAHAHA!!! With all their 'Better start saving again ah!!!!'.... >< they seem to hate to love me leh...)

Number 4, FINALLY.... yes.
I do know, about all these 'rumours'. 
To whoever I have not been responsible towards and unprofessional when it comes to advertorials, I want to take this chance to say I am truly sorry. In the past, I took this job too light-heartedly.

And that is the reason I revised my rates, complete with new PDF file/terms/time frames and all that. Do email me for these quotations!! 
I also try to reply my emails on the go, everyday, whenever I can now and try my ultimate best to get the posts up whenever requested. 

Regarding my relationships with fellow bloggers... Aiyo. This one really headache. I hardly read other blogs actually, except those of the fellow Gushcloud bloggers whom I know personally. I actually spend most of my time on tumblr nowadays and MAJORITY of it on watching shows like Running Man, Criminal Minds, HK dramas and HIMYM blahblahblah. 
On my side, I really do not hate anyone, there is no time and space in my heart for me to do so, and I don't like having any negativity around me, much less, inside of me.


This post is not me just trying to stand up for myself or to fight any rumours about anything or everything you have heard about me because I don't wish to do so/there is simply no reason for me to do so. 
I am answering the questions that have been asked a lot.... because they have been asked a lot.... and also to clarify some of the things that are WAY too untrue. 
I have said this time and time again : I think the only people I really have to answer to are my parents... And the only people whose opinion matters the most to me is that of everyone who matters to me. And MAAAAN. I am blessed in so many ways I often start my prayers with "Dear God, I am so sorry I keep falling asleep during mass... I don't know why you are still so good to me.... thank you so much..."

Nobody is perfect and I REALLY have many flaws... Flaws that I myself hate myself for as well. But I work hard to improve on them. I don't regret anything I have ever done in my life because I take every mistake as a lesson and hope that by doing so, I learn my lessons quicker. (This is something my uncle CY taught me, amongst many other life lessons hehe.)


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You don't have to love me, or hate me, or feel anything about me at all, but I will and always continue to be who I am!

Like this siaozhabor who loves photobooth :

BTW I love the top so much, I am going to keep wearing it... From H&M, only $14.90!!!!!

Ending this entry with a quote....
"Haters/Enemies? Good. That means you have actually stood up for something in your life."
 and lyrics from one of my fav Taylor Swift's songs....
"Don't you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine..."

Hope this post can help anyone who is dealing with haters as well. Chin up! Focus on the good things in life, you probably have plenty.

I am done for the day! REALLY SUPER TIRED BY NOW OMG.
Thank you for reading!!!
And not forgetting : thank you so much to all of you who have treated me well (especially all the darling blogshop owners!!!!), and have not asked questions or left hate comments but have left words of encouragement and support be it thru email/comments/tweets/going down to my flea booths... all this time. I am truly appreciative and thankful. Thank you for not giving up on reading my blog and giving me the opportunity to do what I do. There sure are some bad sides to this industry, people WILL talk, I can accept it, but y'all remind me ever so often of why I started in the first place.
I will keep working hard and doing what I do for as long as I can.
I promise! :)


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  2. Favorite post from you lah haha :)

  3. Hi rach! No matter how I search on solestruck or asos or gojane, I can't find your that design of DV! Can you tell me where you got it from? Like the link! :)

    1. I bot them wayyyyy long ago!

  4. HAHA your example on singlish is damn funny ! STOP IT LEH ! HAHAHAHAH ! LOVE IT ! CLASSIC ~

  5. Hi Rachel, may I ask if the sandal u wore to aquarium is it a sponsored pair? I've been looking around for it but to no avail. Care to share please?

    1. gojane, but very long ago alrdy doubt they hv it..

    2. Thank u.. :)

  6. hi rachel, don't mind me asking you had fillers on how many areas of your face? you are very pretty nonetheless :)

    1. i blogged abt it before! don't be lazy:p and thank uu!

  7. Mind telling how you slim down..? @@ Love your petite size so much! <3

    1. hello! i used to diet like crazy... so i lost a lot of weight then. my lightest was 35? but that really messed w my digestive system. i'm now eating a normal healthy diet, 3 meals a day with snacks. i did gain weight but i don't seem to gain back all the weight tho!

  8. Yeah. Mind telling how you remain so slim?! You're so pretty and tiny!

    1. hello! i used to diet like crazy... so i lost a lot of weight then. my lightest was 35? but that really messed w my digestive system. i'm now eating a normal healthy diet, 3 meals a day with snacks. i did gain weight but i don't seem to gain back all the weight tho!

  9. Hi. I read the requirements for Fashion in Lasalle but I'm still confused about the portfolio part. Should my drawings be drawings about anything or it must be regarding fashion? What if I failed my o levels, I get 25 points and more, can I still audition? Lastly, NAFA or Lasalle for Fine Arts/Fashion?


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