July 17, 2013

Another great Saturday spent with loved ones ~~
Pretty long day but it was such a great day!

I wore this awesome black cropped top in c/o x blue denims c/o my favv
Am sucha lucky girl to have such awesome sponsors who are always generous and thoughtful!!!!
*sends one million kisses to all of em*

OOTD shots all by my wonderful boyfriend. He knows exactly the right angles and how I like my outfit pictures. 
*another million kisses to him all the way in Tekong*
He he he ! ! ! 

And us, while waiting..

With my Nainai at a really old school chinese restaurant for her birthday!!!
*yet another million kisses to her*
We bought her a very cute bouquet this time - a teddy in the bouquet made to order for her! 
BTW. I saw a giraffe at the same florist and told CY it was really cute. Stay tuned to my next post to see what he did. Or maybe you already saw it on instagram... But anyway my wonderful boyfriend is truly wonderful :*)

Traditional chinese restaurant 10382097437 courses food that I don't like. 
But grandma has the say. So we all eat.
I'm not gonna say the name of this restaurant cos I don't recommend it.

My grandma and I aren't really close anymore, but we still chat on the phone now and then and see each other often enough. She's a real sweetheart who is super blessed with good health and loving kids/grandkids. My mom told me she actually tore my pic out of a Nuyou issue I appeared in some time back and kept it. Hehehe. Such a cutie right?!?!?! 
She used to take care of my when I was younger, and I am forever grateful... although everyone also says she is the one who spoilt me rotten in the first place!!
Happy birthday Nainai, NGOR OI LEI. (Cantonese for I love you!)

Back home after to change my shoes cos we decided to go out for a drink! Yay!
Told CY "B, we're really boring, we should go out since it's Saturday... and I kinda wanna drink beer..."
And he immediately said ok much to my surprise and joy ~~

Dolce Vita. 
They are beyond comfy.....!!!!!

New club at St James. We wanted to meet our friends!

Double date time!!! Played lotsa 5, 10s. And drank beer.

Photobombbbbbbbbbb!!! Hahaha!

So thankful for this dude. C commented on our pic and he said "Clinging on like a koala bear. Lol" HAHAHAHA. Yep that's annoying clingy meeeee.

"The best thing in life to hold onto is each other."
For always.

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  1. hey babe, where did u get the Dolce Vita heels/wedges from? Online or at the boutique?


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