Weekend #1

July 4, 2013

**DISCLAIMER** I will be saying the word army and CY a lot in this entry. HAHA.

So last weekend was the first weekend of CY's army life, and we were all anticipating it for a long time - couldn't wait to see him again, see whether he lost weight or gained weight, and how dark he became.... this period apart was also the longest we've ever been away from each other in our 2 year relationship! 17 days!!!

I got up early to go pick him up on that Friday with his family!

Felt really happy to see he was well and enjoying life in the army :')

I guess a lot of army boys do this when they book out : The standard MACDONALDSSSSSS.

I think McSpicy had never tasted better to him in his entire life... HAHA.

Hung out at his place after that and then headed out at night for steamboat buffet with his family at EHUB. The place is called 'Fat Fish Steamboat'... I think it's tasty, but not worth it, especially cos they put so much MSG in the soup. We were all very thirsty after that ><

Ended the day with a movie at Ehub! Despicable Me 2!!!
Was so excited to go catch it, and was pleasantly surprised to see CY at the laptop, booking the tickets on his own.. cos usually he'll ask me to book the tickets with his card, always me me me.
Guess army is already changing him a lil!

Saturday, the next day, woke up early again (surprised that CY actually woke up earlier than me... omg... it has never been that way! I woke up alone in bed and was like ?!?!?!!)

We headed to SAFRA Mount Faber to buy army stuff....

And we were so happy to see Yakun there!!! I SUPER LOVE YAKUN!!!! I love kaya toasts and my fav drink ever in the world is milo. 

Decided to be adventurous and told CY I wanted the cheesy french toast set. 
It turned out to be soggy, which I didn't like. So he exchanged his kaya toast with my soggy bread. HEHE.

Top in c/o SassyDream :)

 I think he's still the best at taking outfit pictures for me *.*

After that we were off to shave off his already very short hair... 
CY has had his hair cut/dyed/treated by only one person his entire life - his aunt!!
This is his mom's salon at Haig Road
Block 12, Haig Road, #01-345 S430012

He insisted I try this gula melaka tutu kueh that is apparently really famous opposite of the salon. It was really interesting, but I still prefer old school peanut tutukueh...

Oh and yeah, while CY was buying army stuff, I was also excitedly putting stuff into the basket for myself. The army tank tops/tshirts looked damn comfy!!! I WANT TOO!!!!

Another early night... because the next day we went to church with my family at 9am!!! 
9am is friggin early.... but I had spent Friday and Saturday with CY's family so I made it a point to set the alarms to get up and go meet them. Another pleasant surprise from CY, btw, cos he actually offered to wake up on his own and accompany us. I love a boy who knows what/who is important to me. And I have always placed my family first. 

After church we headed to Simpang Bedok for the very yummy, and one of my favourites - MEE POK!!!!

My beautiful Jiejie!!!

 And my precious parents. For them, I would do anything...

Happy breakfast together as a complete family. Love!!!

Off to Tampines after to get more shopping done... 

Was lacking 2 more charms to fill up the section and told CY about it, so he got me a bouquet of silver flowers charm and a love letter charm. Heheee. 

Home to prepare for book-in :( but not before we had Eden's (his maid) awesome nasi lemak!!! It's the best, to me. The right texture, saltiness, sweetness.. Love all the food she cooks. She's a damn good chef. Wish I had a talented maid like her too ><
Headed to Cine after to meet Auds/Tyler for casting together at 7pm.

And then Chev popped up of nowhere and we went to take neoprints!!!! Super random. I love neoprints. Look at all our bug eyes. HAHAHAA.

Old Town for dinner/supper

My new fav dessert - Toast bread with vanilla ice cream and blueberry sauce. A simple and yummy treat. I wanna make my own version at home some time soon!

And that sums up the weekend. It was one of the best weekends of my entire life, filled with lots of laughter/love/joy. I hope every weekend will be the same...


  1. Do you know your picture made it to stomp?

  2. rachel i think some idiotic/jealous people post your picture in stomp.
    You can ask to remove the post i believe.

  3. where did you take neo prints?


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