Weekend #2

July 9, 2013

Every weekend starts with a Friday so I'll start with that!!
Selfshot because that's what I do almost everyday, and I had extra time to kill before heading to Pasir Ris to pick CY up!
(Btw, my mom says we're only young once, and she had very little pics of herself taken when she was young and she regrets it now - so she always tells me, 'Girl, you must take a lot of pictures while you're young and don't have unsightly wrinkles all over your face ok!!')

#TGIF definitely found a new meaning with army around. I guess every army boy lives for the weekends! 
And me too, now, as well...

Anyway we headed home to get ready for Ted's birthday dinner!

#OOTD - Yes, my JCs are extremely slimming right?!?!?! I love it too! Too bad I walk so badly in them. HAHA. 
Me when wearing these heel-less shoes  : *Unstably wobbles everywhere I go*

Anyway I was craving so bad for the ice cream blueberry toast at Old Town so we headed to get it before the dinner!!! Hehee ~~~

The white milk tea there is also very nice!!! I love it, love it, love it ~~~

Poor CY was actually having a bad headache, but dragged himself out to accompany me to eat anyway, and ordered himself some curry chicken... Not too sure if that's good for a headache, actually... but ah well. It's not too bad! Too oily but good, he says. 
(I like Toast Box curry chicken!!!!)

Me - very happy with ma blueberry ice cream toast!!!!!

Off for Ted's birthday dinns... Was quite excited to meet up with CY's friends, especially Ekachai! Been so long since we hung out..


One boy, 5 birthday cakes...

And Laudaree for all, courtesy of Chai. Birthday boy's banner, also designed by Chai. 
And a picture with my boy!!! We were both feeling pretty sick by the time dinner ended by the way - he had passed his sore throat to me, and me, my runny nose to him....

STILL, we headed to DREAM cos birthday boy wanted to celebrate there.
My first time there and... I didn't like it :(
It was too crowded, too rowdy, the girls were all slutty dancing EVERYWHERE, and I just wanted to go home and sleep cos my throat was hurting really bad by 2am.

BUT - the music was good, and I was happy to be drinking with people I drank with at Helipad when it was still in business. (Side note, I REALLY MISS HELIPADDDDDDD.)

Pictures all in black and white cos lighting was NOT good!

Cy and I left around 2plus with Daphne/Albert, and we had a nice chat on the way home.. 

Saturday, I woke up with one thing on my mind :

So we did!

Tried the rojak that is also very popular and the only thing I like is the youtiao. So next time, we'll order youtiao ONLY!

#OOTD for Saturday ~~~

And then we went home to take pictures for my advertorials (yes many are upcoming, please come back and check them out!!!!!)

My treat for dinner with my mama and my boy at my fav zichar stall - Changi Simei CC's Fei Siong!

And then another pretty early night (oh god... we're really getting so boring right HAHAHA. Every night also early night!!!! This weekend we will 'chiong' more!!!!!)

Church the next day with my family at 11am!!!

Dimsum after that at our usual Imperial Treasure restaurant at Tampines 1!!!!

My teacher sister learning to act cute from me. HAHAHA. Damn irritating.
HAHAHAHAHHA. (I mean me)


Ok, that's all the food pictures I have for you. Sorry I got greedy and forgot.
'Sorry I forgot to take pictures' photo for you......

And also, I did make a video on instagram!!!!!

You can watch it

Don't forget to follow meeeeeeeee

And my outfit of the day!
(Was wearing a skirt for church, of course. Shorts aren't for church. I changed into the shorts after cos I'm very chorlor and don't like to wear skirts....)

And that concludes my weekend!!!!
Anyway Sunday wasn't all that good..... Reason being : we kinda had a quarrel before CY booked in on Sunday. Settled it right before he left, but his mommy was worried about me and called me today to ask if I was okay and gave me a few words of advice on our whatsapp conver. So much love for his family who always treated me well since day 1 :)

Anyway I really loved the words she said and I wanna share it cos I think it's really good advice for all couples as well :

Translated (to the best of my ability... some things in Mandarin just can't be translated to English exactly, that's why Mandopop like Jay Chou's love songs are sooo awesome!!!)
"You two are still young, if you wanna be together, both you must learn : to be appreciative/thankful, respect, include each other (in thoughts/intentions), be forgiving : with these 4 'hearts', both of you will be heart to heart and can continue your journey together happily."

With that, I conclude this entry!

Will be blogging about my busy and productive day today (Monday)
and there are some upcoming advertorials you do NOT wanna miss!!!!!
*Excited at the thought of nice clothes*

P.S. And to everyone who was concerned about a lil something that happened over the weekend *cough, unwanted article online, cough* : I'm okay, and thank you for the concern! ^^ I've learnt to let go of things like this. Yes. When I was younger, I used to think it was crazy to think positive of negative people leaving hate comments on you. I would say "Please ley......... Zzzz"
Now I realise that having any negative thoughts at all, AT ALL, about yourself/anyone/anything else, only brings you down. Positive thinking goes all the way....
You could say I'm pretty much in a ball of joy with love in my heart and nobody can really touch me, unless you mean enough to me... and that number of people is definitely less than 10.

With all my love, wishing everyone a great week ahead!!!!

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  1. Hello rachel!! I really love your hair, it's so pretty! Can you do a hair tutorial on the curls if you have the time? :D and may i know what blusher you are using in the CP ban mian post?

    Thank you! And don't let people bring you down, i agree on positive thinking! :D Jia you!



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