Weekend Fun

July 29, 2013

Friday was sucha super lazy day... we headed to Tampines for dinner/run errands. 

Decided to have peranakan food! I don't know the stall's name but it's at Tampine Mall's basement.

Kinda much for just us both. But I was quite a solider as well, I think I ate almost as much meat as him and the veggies all by maseeeeelf!!! *PROUD*

Woke up to stay-in-bed weather and we really just couldn't go where we wanted to go so we went back to bed. Kinda disappointed cos I really wanted to do something different but I guess I'll have to wait till next time.
Woke up in the noon for....... DING TAI FENG!

Been ages since I last had DTF. I always eat the XiaoLongBaos from Imperial Treasure cos I prefer the taste and the rest of the dimsum there as well, but DTF has my most favourite fried rice!!!!! 

We had lunch with CY's mommy, my second mammmy ~~
I think she drives me around more than my dad these days LOL. She'll come pick me up to pick CY up together, then send me home after CY books in. And makes us fruit juice in the morning/feed me all sorts of food especially veggie.. hehe.. Always feel so loved whether I'm home or at his home.. Lucky me!

This 'XiaoCai' is very popular! I never liked it before but after that day, I did. Now it's my new fav veggie dish. HAHA. I am forever finding new favourites. (Actually my blog is starting to sound like a food blog leh?!?!?!??!)

A really yummy meal~ I love the fried rice with the pork/prawns also. The egg and the rice is all mixed up together!!! *.*

#OOTD for the Saturday... wearing CY's vintage denim shirt cos the weather was too damn chilllllly.

Met my parents after that for shopping at IKEA/COURTS Tampines cos I wanna redo my room! And we bought a blender and microwave oven on discount. They have lotsa sales now so go check it out if you need 'em! :)

Jalan Kayu after for some desserts!!! Tauhuay/Chinchow/Youtiao/Butterfly....

The chin chow here is SUPER DUPER soft and in hugeeeee pieces. CY's first time trying it and he loves it as well!



Isn't there something harder about waking up on a Sunday morning? The bed is just even more comfortable, the weather colder, your body a lil more 'nua'.... ><
I kinda had to drag myself out of bed! But it was worth it. Spent the morning with CY's family.

#OOTD for the day! Kinda love wearing jeans now!
Especially like this pair that Topshop kindly sponsored me~~

Imperial Treasure for lunch with my family after that! We are always shuffling between our families cos we're just 'family' kinda people like that and we always feel so guilty when we spend extra time with one or the other.... Our parents are always like "Go partoh la, spend some time together, don't always come home accompany us..." so we kinda have to tell ourselves to make other plans HAHA.

My sister :) Do we look alike? She's a teacher! I remember her playing 'Teacher teacher' with me when we were young HAHAHA. 

Momma dearest and some random people queueing outside. The queue is always so long on a Sunday afternoon. We waited for almost 30mins I think...

4 hours of sleep.

My soldier :)


Love these prawn cakes so much! Nomnomsss.

Always nice to gather as a family for a meal! When I'm old and have my own family, I will make it a weekly affair. 

See you in 10 days my love!

Although you could say my life is almost like a boring routine now, I am content with the way things are. Stable, secure and most importantly.... happy. Almost every single day. 
I found an old diary and it was so sad to know I spent so much of my teenaged years like that!! I guess they are the toughest. But it'll pass. Nothing is a constant. Remembering the days I was stuck in this never-ending circle of being unhappy and feeling like there wasn't anything to look forward to makes me feel even more thankful for everything I have now. 

Last week of my 3 month break. School in exactly a week's time, Vietnam in 5. 
I am kinda looking forward to the weekend away, but I have never been to Vietnam and I wish I knew what kinda yummy food they have there other than 'pho'!
If you have any recommendations, share with me okay!

Have a great week ahead everybodyyyyy ~~~


  1. Hi Rachel, what's the name of the jeans from Topshop you're wearing?

  2. Hi Rachel, can i know what's the size of your chanel classic flap? Thanks!

  3. what's the floral top with Topshop jean? - Joey :))


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