A minute or 2

August 18, 2013

It really doesn't take much to make me happy -  nothing makes me happier than the weekends because it means I get to see the people I love and spend time with em!
It is TGIF, every Friday without fail.

~ Friday's outfit details ~

Ambush at the new Plaza Sing after that - Pretty damn affordable, about $10+ for a meal with a main, a drink, and soup. But the food quality is just okay okay. You have to see your luck!

Back to a full week of school, and it's gonna be tiring... I foresee 9pm bedtimes and a tired as hell Rachel every single night. Good thing is - time passes quicker when you're busy.

Have a great week ahead, y'all!!!


  1. Aaawh it makes me so happy to read posts that start out positive like this one ^o^
    I really really love that haircolour on you! You look so pure somehow~

    Too bad the food was "just" okay okay, but I guess it'd be okay considered the price :)?

    I know how you feel about school!
    I had been looking forward to weekend and now it's already about to end! 9pm bedtimes here too but like you said, just gotta keep ourselves busy ^-^/

    Lucy Hart <3

    1. thank u for the support/for reading!


  2. Hello rachel!

    Does your boyfriend call you every night before NS lights out at 1030?

    1. yes he does every night without fail!

  3. hi babe, can i ask u if u do stick double eyelid stickers? if yes, what brand do u recommend?

  4. Hi babe,

    May I know what size u are wearing for the short?


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