August 27, 2013

BUYMECRAZE just decided to work with me again for another advertorial and I was so excited....
Here is my previous one on em : http://www.rchlwngx.com/2013/07/ad-buymecraze.html

Check out 2/3 of my outfit here from their webstore!
(Where I got my dress from will be in an upcoming post NEXT WEEK! Do check back for it cos it is a lovely dress you don't wanna miss.... hehehehee.)

Sandals and bag from BUYMECRAZE!!!!
 They are also awesome because their items arrive soooo quickly and they are super trendy, there's nothing not to love!
This is my second time working with them and like the previous time, I LOVE my items received. 

"Buymecraze has uploaded a whole new collection of goodies ranging from bags, heels to sandals and boots! From the stylenanda-ish to the girly kinda look, we've them all now! Now you girls can wear/bring out stuffs out for a dinner or movie and even to the beach, that's how wide the variety is in store! Despite being an preorder site, the team strives to bring in more unique and pretty stuffs for you girls & also shortening the waiting time for each and every valued customer! "

This time I chose a denim bag and clear sandals that are easy to match with anything and everything. I usually don't use big bags like these but I love this one, I can picture myself bringing it to the beach whenever I do go - it can pack a punch and yet look chic!

Close up of the sandals!

$2 off on the items I was sponsored when you order the same ones!
Quote my name for this discount


  1. hi rachel! are their dresses all this short?

    1. check out my post on it next week and you'll know :)

    2. check out my post on it next week and you'll know :)

  2. Hi Rachel, may I know where you got your dog Chloe from? Thanks! (:


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