August 30, 2013

You would have seen this pic on my insta/twitter/fb if you follow me...

So this morning at about 5, I had fainting spells and an insane pain in my tummy. My parents called the ambulance and rushed me to CGH where they told me my blood pressure was very low and I was to be put on 3 bags of drips and while they run tests on my blood and pee. 

Thankfully it wasn't stomach flu again or anything too serious. Was fine in a few hours and discharged. Am still feeling a bit restless cos of the meds though I think by the weekend I'll be better. 

Thank you for all the concerned texts/calls/comments/tweets from everyone! :)
I'm better and will try to take better care of myself as usual.... 
Hate that my body is so much weaker than it should be. I really hate my body for never listening to me and falling sick just when I thought I was all strong and healthy again. UGH. But gotta push such negative feelings away. Not a fan of putting negative stuff up here cos people just don't really like reading negative stuff but HEY. It's my blog and I do wanna remember everything I've been through, bad and good.
I'm dreading the next week and hoping the time this weekend passes by as slowly as possible. 

I'll try to be strong, I hope we'll make it through.


  1. OMG! I'm terrrified of needles. You're so brave!! Hope u'll get better soon. Jiayou!

  2. what happ girl?
    are u skipping meals again?

  3. please take care of yourself! sad to see my fav blogger getting sick. and you guys will definitely make it through! <3


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