August 14, 2013

So school has started for me again - my last year in Lasalle....
Time really flies. 

Day 3 was over today and it feels so good to be around people that I'm familiar with and are so quirky cute in their own ways. Although the projects and homework have started pouring in... and the morning classes are SO hard to get up for, the people I get to be with everyday makes it so much better as they always have. Nothing not to love about my classmates. I miss M, and so do all of us, though 

Been taking a bit of pictures here and there, but most of them are insta uploads....

Outfit pictures on all 3 days so far credits to Sam/Greg :
Day 1 : Younghungryfree outerwear

Day 2's face

And a very exciting group excursion/lunchbreak at MOS Burger 

Sweater from a blogshop more than a year ago - forgot the name. Shorts by RiverIsland. Shoes from Stylenanda.

Day 3's casual dress + denim combo with my fave snakeskin sneaaages. (Yknow what they are?)

Thank you Gongz for this giraffe phone cover, a gift out of nowhere. I am so loved :'D
Thank you!!!!

2 days to go till the weekend.

Life is truly back to normal : living for the weekends!

A great week ahead to everyone~~~~


  1. where you do your eyebrow? make up tutorial please!

  2. Such cute outfits! love the giraffe phone cover too~



  3. May i know where did your friend get the giraffe phone cover from??

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  5. Make up tutorial please!! xx

  6. hair tutorial please! my hair is the same length as yours and all i do is let down!

  7. hi rachel,

    your blog never fail to put a smile on me, i'm glad u lead a healthy and lovely bf ...

    anyway, may i know what size you wore for the stylenanda white shoe? does the size run big?

    1. thank u so much for the support n for reading :D

      nope same size as my usual!


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