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August 7, 2013


I think if I were to choose to save a finger or my laptop I would save my laptop. Can't believe I left it at the reception in the hotel ok?!?!?! Damn careless as usual >< Thank God my family went back to the resort and my cousin discovered it since my laptop sleeve is extremeeeeely BRIGHT!!!!
Thank you, God!!!!
I wouldn't know what to do if I had lost it forever! I am so blessed. Hehe.

Bright and early today for a full day of plans : School > JEM for my first exciting visit at Blogshopping > Airport for dinner + Pick my parents up!!!!!

Wearing a super cute off shoulder Stripey Tee from non other than my favourite YoungHungryFree :*

Off to school to pick our Minors - only to realise that they removed the minor Alissa and I wanted.......
So we went to school for nothing. But we decided to try the new cafe in school!

Just two nights ago I was close to fainting and this girl told me she will cab down to send me to the hospital all the way from the west. I lied and told her I was fine cos I felt like it was too much trouble. Went back to wincing in my pain on my sofa till Joanna called and told me she was coming to pick me up. I am so blessed it is beyond me. All I can say is I will always be thankful and treat them all the better. 

The food there wasn't nice. The salad not fresh at all. But I guess the decor's nice. HAHAHA.
Picture us eating there a lot when it rains, though. There's basically nothing else to eat in Lasalle.

They postponed the opening of school, btw, so it starts next week.
Yes, I have time now to do my list of a million things!!!!

Off to JEM after (Alissa went to skate at Jcube LOL. Her new 'mink') to check out my fav BLOGSHOPPING that I previously reviewed at the FAR EAST PLAZA outlet!
Here we are...

I'm pretty sure every girl who walks past this shop and loves shopping will step in this store when they walk past!!!!

When I walked in I didn't do anything but left my stuff at the counter and...

Just RACKS AND RACKS AND RACKS of trendy clothes/bags from your favourite blogshops!!!!
Spotted some of my favs there :)
Can you guess which ones? 

Tried on a few things in their white and comfy fitting rooms and fell in love with this pair of polka dot pants and lace top! (But in the end I found another white cropped top that I fell even more in love with so I decided to keep there instead.... hehehehe....)

Kinda forgot the name of the blogshop this was from. But I'm sure if you ask the friendly salesgirls they can help. (PS. Thank you so much Sherri and your friend for helping me take all the pictures for this post and for helping me with all the clothes and everything!)

Check out BLOGSHOPPING today!!!!

They have 3 outlets! (Bugis one opening soon!!!)

The JEM one is big and lovely, really!

Housing the following blogshops :
WonderStellar, ButteredGun, AshInCans, EllySage, DirtyBling, OhSummer, SassyDream, MissMonday2007, RoseArrk, MarchAries, InHouseFashion, JumpingAround, StyleXotic, WeAreRubbish, Dandzelia, MarchShop, FashMob, EatingZombie, FaireBelle, FashionHooks, LolliepopBestie, LastBusRide & TwistPolka.

Thank you for a wonderful shopping experience 

Also don't forget to sign up with them to have their privilege card so you can enjoy the following discounts!!!

Sign up at $10 for 1 year, and get 10% off your 1st purchase, 5% all year round and 10% off your entire birthday month.

Membership card can be used at both outlets.
 Far East Plaza #01-34 & JEM #04-07.

Like BlogShopping on Facebook to get first hand updates on new arrivals in store and join our giveaway to win sponsored apparels weekly !
You can also shop online :


 Off after that for dinner with my dear sister at the airport's Pasta De Waraku.
Have y'all met my lovely sister Ms Wong?
She's a teacher!

Pretty yummy. But not something I would choose if I had a choice. We were way too hungry and this was the most appealing at T2....

A wonderful but tiring day.

Gonna be replying as many emails as I can before the medicine kicks in and I K.O.

Thank you for reading you guys, and for all the helpful comments and kind words on my previous entries!! 
It is really nice to know not everyone is judging and hating. It is much harder to deal with things like that when you are already down. But I am thankful for the love and support I am given by my friends and family. 
And to you reading this : Thank you for reading and being here all this while thru my good and bad. I've had a bad phase, but I'm gonna only look forward and I know things will fall into place themselves, somehow. I'll work hard as I have always promised to.

Wishing y'all a wonderful long weekend!!!!
Enjoy it while it lasts - I'm going to enjoy it as much as I can altho I feel a bit sick because it's not gonna last a long time!!!


  1. Hi, can i ask where did you get the dresses you wore for your cousin wedding? thanks! (:

  2. Namo Amitabha, tell your sister Ms Wong I say Hi, she looks lil like you. Since she already got married, I don't want to talk to her much. Your clothes wearing shows improvement. However, like I said, don't wear clothes that suggest love between two different genders and lust, especially lust ! You don't wear lil shorts and I am happy for you. But you wear pants that suggest lust ! You should wear plain color long pants that don't suggest love or lust -_--_- Thanks for your improvement, sincerely, Tam Tinh.

  3. Dear Rachel,

    Take care of your health! I am sure your family, friends and boyfriend have worried much over your health. I just wanna tell you that you are beautiful and I really enjoy your instagram posts. Everyday I look forward to seeing your daily life on IG and you have such a perfect life that many are envious of!!! Don't be put down by haters cos they are just jealous!

  4. Hi Rachel! You're really gorgeous and I love you dearly but your eyebrow really a bit too thick eh.:( prefer the way you draw it before.. But you're still beautiful in any way. You're my inspiration.


  5. Wow! I wish we had a store like blogshopping here, it looks lovely there! <3

  6. hi! may i know how much you got your chanel camellia sandals at? (((:


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