Double Date / / River Safari Singapore

August 26, 2013

Saturday was going to be exciting so we woke up earlier than usual and got ready to head to town for lunch!!!

Chose to eat at FEP's famous chicken rice stall cos it is one of our favs. 

Have you tried it before?
I think it's the BEST chicken rice in Singapore. I have tried Chatterbox's super expensive one but I prefer this. The rice is so fragrant and the chicken so tasty/soft!!!!
I'm a bit disappointed they took doumiao off the menu tho. It was my favourite veggie dish for a long time.

Rushed over to River Safari after that!
I went with my sister, brother in law and CY. Double dating. Hehe.
It was our first time there!

I didn't take many pictures of the animals/place much cos it's pretty boring. My sister and I were saying that we felt like they built the place just to house the pandas and threw in whatever other animals they could find....? That's just our opinion anyway!

After we left this monkey enclousure we walked over to the very special panda enclosure that everyone visits River Safari for!!! Jiajia and Kaikai!!!!!!!
The enclosure is very cool compared to the rest of the place - they can't take the hot weather.

Met another kinda panda first!!! Red panda! Looks like a fox, though...

And some panda facts that I thought you guys might wanna know cos it's quite interesting.......

Finally we met Kaikai!!!!!!!! 
He was... sleeping.... the whole time..... we guessed it's cos he just ate. (Read above) 

Thankfully Jiajia was awake!!!! 

She was eating lots!!!! So cute okay!!!!!
Her enclosure is separate from Kaikai's and we were told not to make any loud sounds or anything as she is shy.... It was so funny when we realised they played relaxing music in her enclousure!!!!
Like the type of music they play in spas. Facial music. HAHAHA.

Pampered pandas, indeed....

Me with a fake panda outside looking very happy. HAHA.

Explored the rest of the place quickly after that cos the weather was TOOOOOO HOT.

Animal show!!!!

$8 slushies.... sheesh. 

Speaking of overpriced slushies. 
We had a very bad experience with DIGIFOTO(??), the company in charge of taking pictures that you can buy at the River Safari. Yknow, the type that costs $25 per photo?
We took some at the entrance just for fun and if they were nice we would have bought it but when we got to the counter and saw em, we didn't really like it and it was $25 which is not worth it for ugly photos so we told the girl working there that we didn't wanna get it.
Much to our horror, yknow what she said when we walked away but was near enough to hear it??
Something along the lines of having a chanel bag but not buying the photos and... "No money to buy ah?"


We were super pissed and my brother in law took out his wallet straightaway but I stopped him and went back to ask her to say what she said again.
She then started saying sorry and she meant it as a 'joke' and it was for fun.
I kept asking her if it was a nice thing to say and we wanted to see her manager. She started crying and saying 'Sorry, sorry, sorry, Mam....' and begging us to forgive her and she would give us the photos for free as part of her apology. 



Bad experience. Much unlike the people who are in charge of the photo company at USS. They are so much nicer!!!! 
Anyway didnt take pictures of the pictures cos like I said, they're not nice and they are with my sister! 

Wouldn't have let someone like that ruin our day, though. 
 Back to happy photos!!!!

Off to Turf City for dinner!!!
My OOTD - denim minidress, courtesy of YOUNGHUNGRYFREE

Omakase burger!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The burgers are sooo juicy, tasty and full of flavour. I freaking love it.
Worth every calorie ^^
Not that I am even watching my weight anymore. I've put on so much. But I don't care cos I'm hairrrpeeeeeey. 


My bacon + beef burger. I was the only greedy one who ordered the bacon one. LOL.

Who else lovesssss truffle fries??

Visited PASARBELLA after - it is in Turf City too, and it's a damn cool place that I love!
They have lotsa food stuff/groceries/bars/restaurants and we had a good time walking thru the whole place buying desserts and soaking in the chill atmosphere.

Macaroons galore!

Superman ice cream that looks like.... Playdoh!!!

Kiddy TV area. So cute.

I was very happy with my macaroon 

Love weekends spent like this. All about quality time with your closest-s, good food, and lotsa laughter/fun. Everything weekdays aren't made of.

Thank y'all for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post!!!!



  1. Namo Amitabha, hi Rachel, how is your back doing? Did you heal your crooked backbone yet? I don't like any girl's macaroon especially girl with a bf or got married, except for my gf's macaroon if I ever have a gf, lol. After this talk, I won't talk to you again until your bf doesn't get upset with me. So long Rachel, take good care of your back, Tam Tinh.

  2. Can you do your everyday makeup tutorial? Please? :3 and how is your face so slim?

    1. sooooon k:D haha it's not actually!!!!! GOOD ANGLES

  3. Hey! Is it chatterbox's chicken rice? Or is there a letterbox chicken rice!

    1. OOPS. i meant chatterbox. #whyiamnotafoodblogger LOL

  4. Hi rachel may I know where you get your sandals? Hope to get a reply! Thank you ^^

  5. Hello babe, may I know where is the chicen rice located in FEP? As in which floor or unit? Cos I wanted to try..Hehehe :) Thanks alot!(:


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