Essensuals Bugis : All new Salon & Introducing Nioxin

August 28, 2013

So 2 days ago I made another trip down to Essensuals Bugis to get my treatment done although I had my roots done a week before!
People often ask me how I get my hair to look the way it is... the thing is, I don't do anything. It's all Essensual Bugis's work.

You can ask any of the stylists in the salon for my hair colour which is a new kinda hair dye that actually makes your hair more healthy the more you dye it....
It's called Illumina Colour by Wella and it makes your hair shinier and softer. My hair colour doesn't have to be achieved by bleaching repeatedly. It has become this colour over time and I always put toner whenever I go to the salon so it gets lighter/less yellow!
Nothing not to love about it.

They have recently renovated and now have a lil section in the salon with Nioxin Treatment which is actually a relaxing treatment meant to clean your scalp.

Some information about the Nioxin Treatment is that it is customised according to your hair type after a scan is done, and can be done within 2 hours in the salon itself. It is an all new treatment that has only been made available very recently!

I love Essensuals Bugis's way of treating us, both customers and bloggers. I always chat a lot with my stylist Bryan, but whenever he is busy, he would always hand me an iPad to play games with/watch videos/surf the net. 
Now they bought an all new set of iPads for all the customers to use while in the salon!!!
I was there when the ipads were first opened and they all looked so amazing in their new white boxes. So many of them some more.... hehe... *Wanted to steal one SHHHH.*

And after treatment my hair felt clean and soft and most importantly, VERY BIG!!!!
It was blown to perfection by Sharon, a new stylist in the salon whom I made friends with the last time and this time she did most of the treatment for me. I love her massage skills/knowledge. Look for her and Bryan!!!! Your hair will be in good hands with them like mine!

Shampoo + treatment for my hair!!!  :D

And this is Sharon! Her hair is soooo healthy despite being bleached 8 times right?!?!?!
Ask her for tips. I've learnt lots from her!

A new area to sit and chill at when you walk in the salon/have to wait. I always steal a lot of sweets...!!!!!

And a new lil wall near the door to take pictures with!!!
Thank you Essensuals Bugis for always giving me hair that I dream of and being there whenever I needed you - for shoots, events, special occasions. You've never failed me!

And now a crazy promo that is SOOOO 'bohua' for them and SOOOO 'wuhua' for you....
Check it out :

Also, you may quote my name for 10% off EVERYDAY!


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  2. I was wondering where did you but that jacket?

  3. So THAT is how you keep your hair so perfect!

    Too bad I live so far away now that I'm looking for a good hairstylist :( They should open a place in Denmark!
    Definitely going to look for them when I go to Singapore! :)
    You look beautiful Rachel, keep up your amazing work!

    Lucy Hart <3


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