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August 6, 2013

HELLOOOOOO from da school library!!!!

Sorry for the lack of updates and slowdown in replying emails etc.
I've been sick.... sick enough to have had my friends drive down to pick me up at 1am (when I was home alone and close to fainting) just to send me to the hospital. Thank you so much Joanna&Chloe.
 Feeling much better today thankfully, but am still currently without my laptop, without my pictures, and unable to draft any posts or reply enquiries requiring my advertorial rates pdf file.
Left it in Da Nang and have to wait for my parents to get back and bring it with them.

Give me a lil time. I'll be back to work real soon!


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    1. <3<3<3<3<3 gonna whatsapp u tmr to plan double date dinner!!!!!

  2. Namo Amitabha, my brother forgot to pay the bill on time so the service provider disconnect the internet. That's why yesterday I didn't go online. I paid the late bill today for my brother and the internet service will be continued again tomorrow Yayyy :):)

    Some day you may get very tired but you don't know why -_- You may have a common cold, you maybe ready to have a stroke, or you maybe ready to have a high blood pressure -_- Those symptoms and sicknesses can happen suddenly and kill you fast if no one is around to see you and to take you to the hospital -_-:( So everywhere you go, when you sense bad luck is going to happen, you should recite 'Namo Amitabha' or 'Namo Avolokiteshvara Bodhisattva' many times then your bad luck will be much lessened or go away -_--_-:) You should always have a cellphone with you every time so when you feel very sick or fall sick suddenly but no one sees you, you should call your family or friend immediately so they can take you to the hospital immediately -_--_- I know one Vietnamese big guy, he was bigger than me, handsome and polite, had a very good career; when he had a common cold but no one saw him, when his family took him to the hospital, he had a stroke and became a handicap with his wheelchair -_- I also know a Vietnamese strong guy, he played sports, one day he had a common cold and felt very tired in the basement with no one around, but he tried to crawled to the first floor and called for help; luckily he was alright with no stroke :)-_- I also know a young beautiful married and very healthy lady, one day she took a bath, felt dizzy and had a small headache, she fell down and passed away, when her family saw her, they found out she had a blood pressure even though she was young and looked healthy !!-_- To avoid many kinds of bad lucks, you should practice to have much more blessings. To have more blessings, you should do charities, have donations to different social events, offer free labor help to people with no charge, the easiest way is to play free online charities games which I play often on websites like etc. To avoid very many kinds of bad lucks, you should take refuge in the Triple Gems of BUDDHA, Dharma and Sangha and keep five precious Precepts of a buddhist. Dharma Master Huan Hsua preached "Taking refuge in the Triple Gems is the biggest thing to do for your life." BUDDHA preached "Taking refuges in the Triple Gems is highest taking refuge and the most supreme taking refuge to avoid most sufferings for your life." in the Dharmapada Sutra. To avoid most kinds of bad lucks, you should study how to cultivate your Buddha mind because blessings cannot erase all bad karma (and evil karma if any) you have made in your life, sooner or later, you will have bad karma retribution (or worse) this life or next life (or lives). To avoid all kinds of bad lucks or sufferings, you should practice Pure Land to have liberation from the circle of rebirths and deaths, the best method of all Buddhist methods to have liberation from the circle of rebirths and deaths ^o^-_-^_^^_^ About best secrets of Pure Land and other practices, cultivations to give Pure Land a boost is different stories :) Pure Land Buddhism is already a secret of the universe ^_-:) Well, talk no more, time to get this info out :) sincerely, buddhist Tam Tinh.


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