Happy Kids

August 20, 2013

Saturday's makeup was super simple.... I am actually trying to cut down on makeup cos I'm just getting soooo lazy. It's hard tho. I'm not used to myself without makeup and no matter how many times CY tells me not to wear as much, I can't help but end up with full on makeup everyday!!!! Lol. I'm sure I'm not the only girl who is like this.. right?

And yes I do use double eyelid tape - started using em about a month+ ago?? Greedy me wants to move em up higher and higher.... hehehe. I think they're almost already permanent-ish yknow??!?!!! So fast huh.
But I still wear em anyway nowadays cos.... I want it to be REALLLLLY permanent. Using some korea brand my friend said she got from a cart stall/Etude House ones. (No idea how to read the korean brand. Maybe I'll tweet a pic of it!)

Cine to meet up with Mel and Chai - supposedly to catch a movie, but we didn't in the end... headed off to Haji for shisha and karaoke after!!!!! (I don't shisha, I don't smoke at all. Hate the smell sooo much!!! Wish all my friends could quit too. About almost ALL my friends smoke!)

Handsome Chai-Ge~ 
He is CY's very good friend since their secondary school days. That makes them friends for almost a decade. I always joke he is the second wife cos they're that close. But anyway whenever I don't meet up with him, I miss him too! HAHA.


My 2 fav boys!!! AIYOOOOOOO. Both of them can sing well, I kept melting when we went for karaoke. Damn happy that night. I can't sing for nuts. My voice is way tooooo high pitched. LOL. I can sing M2M songs tho... cos yknow, they sound like 12 year olds which is what I sound like. HAHAHAHA.
I was so super happy I got to record down their singing. Especially CY's. Aiyoooo. He can sing damn well okay?!!?! *Proud GF moment* Kept melting....

It was Daphnne's bday so we celebrated for her! Her boyfriend was so sweet to surprise her at our karaoke session altho he said he had to work. Sweet hor. Happy bday babe!!!!! :D

And my honeybee and I. I miss him so much during the weekdays, especially cos he used to be around so often to help me with my work/pick me up from school. Now.... we only have less than 2 days a week together.

Someone else I always miss - Melvin. Nobody but him makes me laugh/gets my jokes/can do different poses whenever I shout out any magazine's name. HAHAHAHA. 

It was sucha good Saturday altho it ended damn late. Went home at about 7am!?!??! Latest ever since.... forever...? I was SO tired man. So was CY. Getting old, getting old.

Can't wait to karaoke again over the weekend!!!!! New favourite activity cos I get to hear my boyfriend sing!!


  1. Make up tutorial plsssssss ^^ And you and CY are looking so adorable ! Always love reading your blog hehe

  2. But.. Rachel, how do you manage to make your double eyelid tape looks kinda invisible? It seems natural on your eyes! And you're so pretty by the way.

  3. Hey Rachel,yeah. I'm curious how does the tape looks so invisible? Could you do a makeup tutorial?:)

  4. Hi Rachel, didnt you used to smoke???


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