Newton Wednesdays

August 22, 2013

Wednesday in a wrap skirt and a white tee!

Threw on a plaid shirt and sneakers to make the outfit a little more lively after I left the house though, I am not a fan of outfits that are too simple ~

Outfit details :
Find out where I got the skirt on my instagram!!! Ecrin white tee, plaid shirt from the depths of my cupboard that I found before my Vietnam trip, NB sneakers from Tokyo, Boy Chanel. Accessories from CCSKYE/Lucien Elements in c/o JUSTTANGYSG.

So Lasalle has 'expanded' - we now have a new campus at Newton and my photography class is held there every week. Although it's a pretty long ride from my place to the new school, I'm always happy to go there because it means 1 thing : POPIAHHHHHHH from the hawker centre! I love it!!!!!
I asked the stall uncle for a lot of chilli and he slapped on so much... my tongue was a bit numb after. I usually am able to eat lotsa spicy food, though!!!!

Popiah+Juice party...

Juice from the stall next to the duck rice stall right when you walk in is DAMN GOOD!!! Super fresh. Oh, just to add, I have juice almost everyday!!! I feel it 'cleans' my body and makes me feel healthier and thus, happier. I usually have mixes of orange/apple/carrot/watermelon/beetroot.

Town for research + shopping after!
Alissa and I love Ladureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Toss and Turn after that for dinner and WE LOVE TOSS AND TURN!!!!!

Mixed our own salad + sandwich and it was damn damn damn yummy. I could have it everyday.

It's at Ion's basement! 
Might catch you there cos I foresee myself having it VERY often

Home with my baby. Combed her fine furry hair, tried to train her but she was overly excited as usual, and squeezed her with all my love.
How can anything be so precious and adorable, yet able to love us so unconditionally?!

We have much to learn from them.

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