Q Time

August 11, 2013

So happy to be recovered and not only that - have CY be able to be with me for 6 days!!!!!
It really sucks to be without your bestfriend/love for any period of time at all. I really get so lonely and emo sometimes it's ridiculous. 

But then when he's out, and with me, the world is just a happy place again! 
Always so happy :D

Our week started with my fav ice cream blueberry toast at Old Town~~ nomssss~~~

And then dinner after nua-ing with my daddy. 
Dinner with my 2 fav boys makes me sho happyyyyyy. 

Famous Kembagan Mee Sua!
Pity their standard has dropped, soup isn't as tasty now....

Early night.

Off to town the next day to walk around/meet Eka/hang out with friends/have dinner...


Couple edition #OOTD

We were fighting over what to do/where to eat a long time.. really gotta thank Eka/B/Aik/Sophia for giving in to my cravings. Omg. I was really damn happy....

MANBOK Korean BBQ!!!

My fav korean uncle at the stall. He cooks the best. Loveee him leh?!?!

Nothing much after - on to the next day!!!!
Going out everyday is tiring. But time is precious so we go out anyway.

Saurday #OOTD. Felt quite errrr young that day?!?!
Platform school shusssssss. Hehehe.

Asked CY repeatedly if we could have macaroons so we went to get my fix at Laudaree~~
ANDDD.... on to another craving of mine - Cheesecake from Starbucks!!!!
It's so good with Javachip ><

What a cutie :D
I'm still so in love even after all this time. Don't know how or why but I'm so lucky!

Off to Serangoon CHOMPCHOMP to meet Joanna and Chloe!



I love these and so did my 3 other dinner partners!!!! :D
Supposed to be my treat for din on that night to thank Jo and Chloe for sending me to the hospital the other day when nobody was around... I was just really damn touched. I can't even think of more than 3 other friends who would do it for me. And I only got to know them not too long ago. :')
I really wanted to pay but CY said it was his responsibility and he felt really grateful to them as well, so he ended up paying for most of it.... HAHAA. 

Thank you Jo for always being sucha sweetie!!! And Chloe too!

It was a really great long weekend, I'm so thankful for quality time with my loved ones as always.
Drafting my post for USS right after this post - it was such an awesome day!!!!!

And do keep reading okay, although I'm officially starting school tomorrow, I promise NOT to neglect this space!



  1. Hi rachel, where did you get your blue denim jeans from? the one paired with the 'giraunchy' shirt. Thanks! also, do you have any favourite place to get your jeans from? i love reading your blog posts, you really work hard and deserve what you have, i mean it!

  2. Hi rachel where did you get the platform school shoes from? You look amazing!

  3. Hi Rachel :)

    I'm a new reader and seem to have missed what exactly was "wrong with you" and I'm sorry for my ignorance :(
    But I'm glad to hear you've recovered now! You and your boyfriend look super cute together and it was so nice of both of you to treat your friends.
    The food looks delicious!

    Lucy Hart <3


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