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August 26, 2013

My first item received from JUMPINGAROUND - my new long term sponsor!

Friggin' super love the jacket that is pictured here, it is comfy, fitting, and keeps me warm 

I'm so excited to receive the other items already!!!!!!
A full feature on em soon!


Today I'll be talking about my diet - not that I am on one that is supposed to help me lose weight.
Quite a number of girls have either tweeted/emailed me or left comments asking me how I maintain my weight/lost weight/how much do I eat a day etc..

Honestly speaking, there is NO secret and I can eat quite a lot but there is a bit of a story behind it.

I believe I've talked about how I've lost weight before, you can read it HERE :

This was me 3 years ago, BTW. Ugh....... I feel so bad for myself.

At that time, I was super desperate to lose weight and I was at my all time lowest of 35kg or so?
I was eating soooo little a day. 1 meal a day.
I was so sad. Nothing could fit me. My waist was 21.5". I'm not even kidding.
I wanted to eat so much but I never let myself cos I was so afraid of being fat.

As mentioned in the previous post on this topic, with the help and support of my family, BF and friends, I started learning to live well, to love myself and to eat properly again..
I went back to 3 meals a day. FULLLLL MEALS. Suddenly. And that's when my constipation problems started, my disgestive organs got lazy cos I didn't feed it and it just.... got so bad, I went 1 week without pooping before.... can you imagine?!??!?! BUT I have also blogged about what I did to help myself HERE :

And now, my current diet is 3 meals a day!

I ALWAYS HAVE BREAKFAST. Breakfast is always kaya toast with a big cup of iced milo + a banana/apple or whatever fruit is available in my kitchen. I think it's important to have a good breakfast everyday.

Lunch and dinner varies but I often document whatever I eat on my twitter @rchlwngx / instagram @rchlwngxx so you can check it out there. 
Usually I eat a heavier lunch and a lighter dinner because by the time I go home I am very tired and just wanna eat whatever I have to eat. Unless my dad buys back ultra yummy food. And then I go crazy.
I like spicy food, I like mee hoon kueh, popiah... zichar... Korean BBQ... I eat lotsa things actually hehehee. 
I guess it helps I don't really like to eat rice so I eat little bit of it and loads of dishes instead, preferring porridge (teochew porridge!!!!) and noodles/bread. But 1 important thing, I think, is that I also eat LOADS of veggie now. I am a huge veggie monster and my fav is spinach+doumiao! I try to have salads but most of the time it is so hard to find yummy salads in SG.
No suppers at all cos you would be full from the 3 meals a day and I usually have dinner early about 6+, before 8 definitely, which I think helps. 
I also have fruit juice everyday, and fruits. And water with a slice of lemon in it instead of normal water cos I like the taste of it :D

I don't know if whatever I have mentioned in my current diet has helped in maintaining my weight, but I have been at a pretty healthy 39+kg. And 40+kg on bloated days or days when I binge with CY. My waist is now a 23.5" which is much healthier! And yes, I poop everyday, so no weight is stored ^^

Well. Like every other girl out there I have days when I feel fat too and like I shouldn't eat for a week LOL. And I'm definitely not as skinny as I used to be. But I am much happier and I guess it kinda makes me look better? Cos I'm happy? A lot of my friends have mentioned that I look better now cos I have weight on my bones and I look more healthy/radiant/happy!
1 thing I really gotta work on is EXERCISING. I am so lazy. But I will go do something... soon... I guess.... :/

To all the other girls who have asked me about how I maintain my weight, I hope this helps?? 
I think the most important thing at the end of the day is that you are healthy and happy. You will look your best when you are these 2 things. And I think most dudes would agree that bones aren't exactly the most attractive look on a girl!
Be happy!!!!

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  1. Hai Rachel :)

    How did you start gaining weight again?
    I'm at 47kg now and HAPPY about myself but people always mention how "I should gain more weight!" and I'm sick and tired of hearing it.
    I eat a lot more now but my body is like a teenage boy's. I eat and eat but don't gain any weight - -

    Lucy Hart <3


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