"Don't Stop Chasing"

August 19, 2013

I saw this picture somewhere on tumblr and saved it cos I thought it was so true.

I used to be in a relationship where I was almost always taken for granted, where I was promised the world and then given everything but. It was hard to get out of but I'm so thankful I did.... 

It's always easy to take things and people for granted. Afterall, you're already comfortable with each other and there's really nothing to 'work for'. First text, first date, first holding of hands, first hug, first kiss. Been there, done that. What else is there to woHhrk for? They're not gonna leave you even if you're late for an hour or anything. They're going to be mad for awhile, but that's about it. 

I've heard from so many of my friends who told me how boring their relationships get after a period of time has passed. I would ask : "So how are you xxxxxx?" And they would say : "Like that lor." 
I'm sure I'm not the only one with friends who say this to them, right?! 

Thankfully, I'm with someone who hasn't stopped chasing me for the past 2 years and 3 months. He didn't promise much at the beginning but gave everything he could. He's still a gentleman and treats me like a princess, like on our first date alone. Save for a few hiccups here and there when he wasn't a charming enough prince and I got mad and wanted to leave cos I was just a demanding girl like that. I am thankful everyday I found him. I learnt the simple theory of "幸福就是爱". 

And.... Not just about relationships : I think the above paragraph also applies to everything else in life. I can't imagine a day when I stop wanting to be a better person or chasing an even bigger dream. I've already fulfilled a few of my dreams here and there (visiting Tokyo, finding love, finding myself, being able to afford beautiful things) but there is always another dream to work towards and live for, a better person to be. I guess the challenge is in learning to do so and also being contented with whatever you do have and know what matters and what doesn't. 

There really isn't an outcome or something I am trying to really say. But just wanna talk abit about my thoughts on life, and how I live it.

Always going to be a dreamer. 
Love will always come first. 
Always a better Rachel to be. 


  1. Props to you for writing this post because I can relate to it as well.

    Especially when you said, "He didn't promise much at the beginning but gave everything he could. He's still a gentleman and treats me like a princess..." my boyfriend is the same way. I didn't know you two are 2 years and 3 months together, my boyfriend and I are 2 months behind your relationship.

    But furthermore I also agree with you're statement that it's not just about relationships. There's never a day I stop changing for good or for bad. There's never a day that I stop dreaming.

    I respect you. Keep writing, <3

    1. thank you very much for reading and thank you for your support and kind words!!!! xx

      it made my day reading ur comment :D stay happy!

  2. Can you insta where you bought your double eye lid tape from? Thank you so much! :D

    1. i stopped using alrdy! and my mom threw it away! but whenever i use now i will use etude house's ~


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