Vietnam Day 1

August 2, 2013

If you don't already know from my twitter/instagram, I'm currently out of Singapore!

I'm here in Vietnam on a mini holiday and to attend my cousin's wedding. I've been feeling pretty down so I was really looking forward to a break before I start school. Pity I have to leave on Sunday. Too soon ):

So far I love Vietnam!
Here's my Day 1 :

The first flight to Ho Chi Minh City was soo early in the morning, at 7am! I was up by 4, with hardly 2 hours of sleep due to my shitty sleeping pattern.
We arrived at the international airport just hours later, waiting for a transfer flight to Da Nang which is where I currently am and where we booked the hotel/the wedding dinner is.

While waiting for the flight we tried their famous coffee and bread!

Vietnamese currency. USD, SGD, Dong. It is soo confusing cos the numbers are so huge!!! So far, I've paid for quite a few thing but I still have no idea how much anything is. HAHA.

My mom got excited seeing BigBang at the airport. She asked me to take a picture with them. I obliged quite happily. HAHAHAHA. Damn sad, poster also want to take. Fangirl.

On the way to the beautiful Intercontinental Hotel/Resort.... LOTS, LOTS of beach here in Da Nang.

The resort's entrance is AMAZINGGGGG. A real view/a real treat.

Excitedly on the way to our rooms!

This is our little 'house' for the weekend. Beautiful isn't it?

The room... is even more beautiful. It is like heaven on earth.


Huge ass toilet.

Off to eat. I was so excited to eat cos my stomach had been in pain the entire way from Singapore. I spent much of the time sitting down/curled up in pain. My cramps are so bad.

Barefoot Cafe, a lil beachfront restaurant/cafe within the huge resort.

My uncle embracing this 'barefoot' cafe thing. Damn uncle. HAHAHAHa.


Damn yummy bread, I love bread!!!!!!!!

Some dips that the bread came with. We were so hungry they had to top up the bread 2 times. Felt damn Singaporean but hunger > pride. HAHAHA.

Tandoori Wraps! NOT SPICY ENOUGH! 

Some pizzas.

The beautiful pool. If I wasn't sick I would totally be lying there with shades and a huge hat and acting hollywood. HAHAHAHA.

Cute fans that looked like drums?? And my daddy dearest!

Something awesome about the resort that I really liked - this cute lil tram system that you can take to get around cos walking will take you a long time and calling a buggy might take awhile as well.
We took a buggy down but decided to try this lil tram to go back up!
(By this time I was shivering and in cold sweat, I was running a fever already))::::: )

Here's my view in the tram looking up, a boat-like structure that can fit like 10 people or so!!!! 

View below.

Reached the top, amazing view. 

And now I am here in the hotel with the telly on, missing my boyfriend and having room service 'Pho' cos everyone left for some yummy seafood dinner in town and I was deemed too sick to go.
My fever's all better now after sleep and panadol, though!

I heard the ones in town are even nicer, this one is already good, so I can't wait to try it!
The wedding is tomorrow and I can't wait to get better so it's gonna be an early night for me.

Goodnight guys.

And do give me time to get back to your emails/refunds/mailing. The DBS site is soooo laggy, so I'm currently getting the help of others in SG to help me do em.

Be back soon with more posts!


  1. Namo Amitabha, hi Rachel, do you consider your cousin's wedding better than your health? Poor little girl Rachel! Da Nang city is about in the middle of Vietnam. The weather doesn't look good on that day. Most of everything in Vietnam are cheap especially Vietnamese food. So enjoy having fun and eat plenty of good foods in Vietnam :):) Some of famous Vietnamese foods you may try are Vietnamese rice noodle, Vietnamese egg rolls (nom nom nom, the best and famous of Vietnamese foods), Vietnamese fried rice, others are just meaty foods, not vegan foods and I don't know how to say their names in English. Don't go in the crowds much or you can easily lose your purse! You should pay everything up front in cash possible to avoid over charges by bad illiterate people after they have complete their services! Ask your cousins who live in Vietnam to aware more of bad things and to enjoy more good things :) Wish you have a safe and good trip. Sincerely, your Dharma friend Tam Tinh.

  2. Whoa! My friend is also in Da Nang right now for vacay too :D

  3. may i know how much you got your celine bag for?

  4. Hi dear, just wondering why each time you are overseas you would be sick? TAKE CARE AND GET WELL SOON

  5. WOW amazing, please post soon. cant wait to see more on your vn trip


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