Vietnam Day 2

August 8, 2013

Day 2 of Vietnam started really early and it was EXTREMELYYYYYYYYYYYYY HOT.
Didn't help that my stomach was still hurting. But thankfully the fever went away.

My bf's mom commented I'm darker now and it's true. 
I'm darker now when I only spent 2 days in Vietnam thanks to the Vietnamese Sun.....
I'm gonna spam whitening cream and hope it works. Last thing I wanna be is dark.

Up early for buffet breakkie~~~~

Waiting for bugggggy. Buggy is the only way to get around the resort, by the way. You could choose to walk of course... but who wants to do that..... 


Lotsa fresh fruits, nuts, pastries, bread....
It was really shiok. 

And I know Vietnam is known for their 'Pho', right??
Never in my 20 years of living have I tasted yummier, fresher yogurt than the ones there.
I had 3 tubs a day. And no, I don't think they caused the stomachache. The aches started before Vietnam, in the plane, WAY before these little magic cups of goodness.


Off to explore and chill in our rooms a bit more before the wedding ceremony/dinner.

Priceless view!!!

Back to the hotels to rest, and then get ready for the wedding ceremony.

Anticipating the bride's arrival. Look at all the decorations. TRULY BEAUTIFUL. I am a huge fan of daisies but this wedding made me a huge fan of flowers in any breed in WHITE.

Flower were nothing, of course, compared to the very beautiful bride who is my cousin. Guess what, she's a decade older than me. And looks like my age. Ridiculous. HAHA. 
Anyway. She was so beautiful and I was so happy for her I started tearing when I saw her walking down the aisle. Also cried the rest of the ceremony... LOL :')

They've been dating 8 years, by the way. And when they exchanged vows, the moment was really just damn perfect. You can literally see the love, hear it, feel it. It really felt like they were in their own world, promising each other forever. Even typing this makes me teary.... 


To those who asked where my lovely dress is from the very cool WWW.URBANCHICSTYLES.COM and I think it's sold out now, but they have tonnes of other awesome pieces so do check it out!!!!

Another shot of it :

Everyone loves macaroons!!!!

And then back to the rooms to change... for the grand dinner at the ballroom of course.
I couldn't eat much thanks to my dress and as you can see, my stomach is totally huge. LOL. Constipated for life and flabby me. Dress from some shop at FEP that Mae brought me to! Don't know the name tho you guys can try to find it on the upper floor in the corner!!!!


Me after drinking a glass of wine. Red and sleepy and regretting it cos I was in pain. HAHA. Forever ASKING FOR IT. But how can I not drink when I was toasting the happy couple???

That's about it for the night, and we went to sleep cos we were flying off the next day.
Breakfast again at the buffet and lunch at this place called CITRON.

Errr yea I wore the same tank top cos I didn't pack anything else. HAHAHAHA. Damn geykiang.

A lovely lunch with an exquisite view of the island...

Made used of my camra's Panorama mode pretty well, right?

Vietnamese-style food!

Flew home after a nap after lunch.

I would totally visit Da Nang again, and stay here at the Intercontinental Resort again. The place is really amazing and beautiful. Service is impeccable (when they do understand your English) and newlyweds or couples looking for a baby making place (HAHAHAH) would love it. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post filled with beautiful nature pictures (with me photobombing too many of em) and even more pictures of FOOOOOOOD. Yknow I was thinking of starting a lil food blog cos I love food that much but I always eat the same thing so there's not much of a point I guess... I wanna be adventurous but why make a change when something is yummy right?

BUT. If you guys have food places to recommend me to try please do leave a comment! I have been given the job of planning all my weekend dates with the boy and some new places would be nice :D
Thank you in advance!!!!


  1. Hi rachel!! U are soo skinny and beautiful! How do you maintain your slim figure? Do you finish your meals? How much do you eat in a day?

  2. Go try 3+1 aka 三菜一汤 at Synergy Hub (3 stops away from Outram Park MRT)!! It's really nice and there's those "homely" kind of feel to the dishes which I think suits you ^^

  3. Where is ur heels from? TIA :)

  4. hell yeah vietnam is the best

  5. Hi babe may i know what do you use to draw your brows? Thanks! -V

  6. Love your make up! Please do a tutorial of it!!


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