What is your "Ideal Type"?

August 23, 2013

So recently my group of friends and I were just having lunch and chit chatting about everything and anything as per usual, when they started asking each other this question : 
"What is your ideal type?"

There were some that said 'must have ANGKONG (tattoos)' Or 'she must have nice legs!' Or even 'He must be rich!'

I believe everyone has an ideal type. Whether it be a super weird "requirement" or a pretty normal 'skinny'/'tone'-ed type of preference... We all kinda have a lil idea of how our other half should look like/behave like.

You're supposed to say looks don't matter, but really... How can you be with someone you're not even physically attracted to? 

ADMIT IT!!!!!!!!

So yes, they asked me what my ideal type was and the first thing I said was SKINNY!!!!!! 
I really like skinny boys who are tall but not more than 1.8m cos if not I would have to always be in heels lol :D
I can never find a dude with lotsa muscles attractive. Or someone who is shorter... I'm already so tiny. If a guy is too big sized it's so weird. And if he is shorter than me.. Then he must be 1 in a million cos I'm already damn short! LOL.

I also like boys who are a little vain - but not too much. A vain dude means he always smells good (unless he has BO /: ) and he must take care of himself before he can take care of me! Clean skin and good teeth are of course preferred :p
Dressing wise, he mustn't be too slack of course. Girls like well dressed dudes! I like street wear style guys ~ He should put in effort but not too much - if he is super over the top and can't go to the market without preparing for like 2 hours then there is definitely a problem...

Personally I like Asian guys because i guess usually their upbringing is more traditional and they are more filial to their parents which is a value that is very important to me. If a guy doesn't love his family, I don't see how he can love me and eventually make me family as well.
I also believe if he loves me, he will love my family and try to make them happy as well. He should love the things I love, the people I love. Even if he really can't, he shouldn't make things difficult for me.

The guy I date doesn't have to be rich, but he must NOT be stingy with me. Splitting bills/cabfares all the time is just... Not okay. A guy should take care of his girl! And as girls, we are of course not 'thick-skinned' enough to not pay at all. I personally surprise my bf sometimes by saying I'm going to the toilet and paying the bill first. Usually he doesn't like me paying at all so I do that! 
With that being said, I don't like being with someone who thinks loving me is buying me many nice things or think I can't afford my own stuff.
I like to work hard, earn my own keep, buy my own things so I can say they are mine. The satisfaction is like no other! Anyway there is no meaning in life if everything in your life wasn't worked for by you.
It may be easier if it was that way,
But not for me. That's just me.

 I don't think I could ever date a rich guy as well. My mom has always told me 'the rich one can definitely buy you bags, but he can also buy other girls bags.' Rich men just tend to like to play around simply because they can. I get it. Other girls may be able to close an eye to it, but not me. Faithfulness and loyalty is first in a relationship for me. 

I am also not a fan of a super mushy guy. If he is sending me long and sweet messages all the time like "you are like a beautiful rosé" etc etc LOLLOL I WILL DEFINITELY NOT DATE HIM!!!!
I always believe words < actions. 
Please do it, show me, and not tell me.
Compliments once in awhile would be nice! And true support for what I like to wear/look like/do. Of course, not if I'm dressed super slutty or do jobs that require me to do so. 
Morning and goodnight texts reminding me he loves me is a must ^^

Transparency is something I also think is important in a relationship. This can only happen with this one thing : honesty.  
If my boyfriend is hiding his phone/laptop  or plans from me all the time, that is weird and is too suspicious even if he really isn't doing anything wrong! 
Every single time Cy or I have done something or want to make a decision the other doesn't like, we always come clean. Although you may quarrel, the hurt or anger will not be as bad as compared to when you find out the truth by accident or something. 
We are humans so we definitely make mistakes. Cliched as it sounds, you will really realise... Love is about understanding we sometimes make mistakes as well, if we love them, we gotta learn forgiveness. 

He has to have a good heart. This means he should treat everyone else with kindness, not just me or the people he loves. Ever heard of this saying? A person who is only nice to you and not nice to the waiter is not a nice person. 
I like guys who love animals cos usually people who love animals have good hearts. 

Is that a whole lot of requirements? 
I don't think I'm very picky at all! 

It's funny, though. Reading this whole post again is almost like reading a post  describing CY himself. Lol. 

I guess I'm pretty lucky since I found someone who fits everything I ever wanted and he loves me too for all the grumpiness/craziness/laziness I am. 

He often asks me why didn't I find him when I was younger, like when we were kids. And I would ask him..
Would you have even liked me?! I was in TAF club and ate way too much for my height!!! Check out the proof/photo below...
People say we look alike now.
But look at us when we were younger!

Thankful above all. Fate exists!

What are YOUR requirements/ideal type?


***I FORGOT TO MENTION SOMETHING SO IMPORTANT. Respect and chivalry! SO important. Gentlemen will never go out of fashion.
Forcing a girl to do something she doesn't wanna makes you a creep.
Chivalry will always be appreciated.


  1. Do you stay over at your bf place?
    What should I prepare when I'm staying over?

    1. yeap! haha usual stuff? makeup, clothes, pjs...? i hv most of this stuff at my bf's alrdy so usually i just bring new clothes/shoes!

  2. Hi! I'm exactly the same height as you but i am suuuper heavy. =( at 53kg.. imagine.. I'm reeeeally desperate and i grew up with bad eating habits. I dont really know how much should i eat. May I know how much u eat in a day as a rough guide for me since we are both of the same height? your reply will be reeeeaaaly greatly appreciated! thanks!!

  3. Aaawh, I'm so happy to hear how great your boyfriend fits you. It really does seem like you've found the right! I would love to hear how the two of you met~

    And omg that question... I have SO many things hahaha, I wonder if you can, liike on Youtube, make "response" posts to other blogs. That'd be pretty cool. If so, I want to!

    Lucy Hart <3

    1. hi Lucy! thanks for reading my blog again and yeap i will try to do so when i hv more time. i actually did blog abt how we met, a few entries back:)

  4. are you also describing GD in the 1st part? lol! :D

    1. LOL!!!! whoopsie!!!! exposed....


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