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September 29, 2013

This advertorial is something TOTALLY different from my usual and I'm sooo excited to be sharing with you guys about this awesome webstore that came up with a really cool idea that is something like a grab bag... but not.

HERVELVETVASE contacted me to get this advert done but instead of choosing my sponsored items, all I did was fill up a lil survey + upload a pic of my current style idol and they would send me a boxful of stuff that matches whatever I said!

So it's something like a grab bag, but not. 

It was so mysterious and exciting waiting for my package and I was REALLY impressed when it arrived at my place. It's a HUGE box :

And when I opened it.....

Other than my outfit, there were body lotions/soap/hair treatment/lipgloss/eyeshadows and a belt!!!!!

Here I am in their leather jacket, quilted leather skirt and neon green bag! An outfit lovingly put together just for me ~~

Gotta love the cute lil print out they also included of my outfit put together with a note that it was 'lovingly designed' for me!

Beyond impressed


There are more options and you can check it out on the link I'll be pasting below!
This is the $100 worth of stuff option, and you can also subscribe to it for 3 months or 6months at a better rate.

Another example of a different look :

They've just launched as well so you can check out the new arrivals also ~

JustTangy has worked with me as well for ads (upcoming blog ad soon) and they sell accessories including ones from one of my new fav addictions, CC Skye. 
Pretty damn awesome collab, I must say.

And get your moodbox here at : http://www.hervelvetvase.com/mood-box


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