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September 20, 2013

Am now working with JumpingAround on a long term basis and I am sooo excited about this but haven't gotten the change to wear all my sponsored pieces till now - now I have worn em all and taken pictures, I can post about their webstore!

Floral bomber jacket 

Stripe Blue and White dress

Also this white cropped sweater that is super comfy and cute and can go with anything... really almost ANYTHING.

Not forgetting this awesome PU leather x Army green jacket that fits so well (XS size) and is of such great quality!!

There are many preorder sites but I really recommend em cos the quality of the stuff is very controlled and looks like they do in pictures in real life. I think this is really important - I wouldn't wanna purchase something online that looks great but looks much less in real life!

Anyway if you still wanna try it on....

They have recently included self collection at our showroom.
As of now, customers are welcome to self collect by appointment only. 
They can also check out the the latest designs and purchase them at wholesale price.

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