Chikuwa Tei

September 17, 2013

A really lazy Thursday - CY said we were going out to dinner with Chai at Chikuwa Tei and I was so excited cos it's one of my fav jap food places!!
Blogged about it before but here's a new post on it. Tried some new stuff on the menu with no regrets. Their food standard is always pretty good ~

And my outfit to dinner. 
So so lazy to dress up.... and whenever I'm lazy to dress up... I put on one of my CH tank tops! 
H&M denim jacket, Topshop shorts.


We don't even bother with salmon anymore, we go straight for salmon belly sashimi. It's softer, has nicer texture just for a lil bit more $$!

I loved this!!!!
California Maki. Very yummy. Order this if you should go.

My usual codfish set.... I love it love it love it.

And mentaiko codfish was something new we tried. Not that big a fan, but CY loved it. 

Chikuwa Tei is at 9 Mohd Sultan Rd

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  1. Hi Rachel, whr did u get ur stylenanda makeup from? is it from a website or the store itself? thanks (:


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