September 16, 2013

Something exciting last week was my photoshoot with Chloe!

More details will be up when I can post em up ~~

Everyone there said Chloe was really cute and a good girl.... Don't know how and why but she is just such an angel around other people. Except for the part when she revealed her true colours and jumped into the luggage of the makeup artist...... HAHA. Anyway at home she is a crazy little dog. Forever barking and running or jumping around!!!

Thank you to my dear sister and dad who took the time to come along and help take care of her!

Macs after. Very very unhealthy. I've been having it for the past 3 days, no less. 
I friggin love seaweed shaker fries TOO MUCH.

Gonna make myself NOT have em today. Cannot afford to keep eating Macs!!!!!
I'm getting too chubby.....

Will blog about the flea soon and also I just wanna say I'm sorry for lack of updates as I've been super busy!!! There is so much to do and I am feeling so stressed and tired almost everyday.
I'll be back asap!

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