Date Night 4 3

September 8, 2013

Finally Saturday!!!!!

Was so excited to meet up with Melvin and put up this pic (above) on insta saying I was all ready for date night with Melvin...
only to get scolded by someone for being a slut?!?!?!?! Cos I already have a bf and was still dressing up for other guys?!?!?!


JUST TO MAKE IT CLEAR (AGAIN), CY and I both love Mel dearly and he is one of my best friends ok?!?!!? He will also never like me in THAT way. 

Anyway we met up in town and headed to Manbok again for korean BBQ by request of MEEEEE ~~~

Isaac joined us too! 3 way date! Whee ~~~

Wrapped by Mel. I was busy wrapping and eating so no pics of my glorious wraps. I put a lot of stuff in it not just these!

Outfit shots after that very filling dinner ~~~

Isaac and Mel saw this door and told me to go stand there HAHA. 

Headed to Chai's place to chill and have wine cos I felt like drinking. A little. 
It was funny to be hanging out with CY's friends while he's not around, but that's just how his friends are like. Always treated me well, like their friend too. Especially Chai.

Anyway Melvin tied fishtail braids for me again!
Told them I looked like I was going to milk cows. HAHAHA.

And then he tied up the braids to do some avant garde hairstyle. I still looked like I was gonna milk some cows, in my opinion.... :/

We decided... at random... to also do a VLOG!!!!
It was really random and I hardly edited the video, so as you can see, there are completely no cuts whatsoever. Just added some music.
And the knocking on the door towards the end of the video is our 'fatherly' Chai telling us to hurry come out and drink the wine. LOL.
Also just FYI, if you didn't know, somehow... I am from Singapore, so my English is very Singlish. This is how I talk normally, so this is how I'll talk on my videos as well. People have commented that my English is so Singlish like it's a bad thing but I'm very proud of my culture and where I come from so I'm not gonna put on a fake accent or anything! ;)

And just to conclude, I do believe Mel knows me better.
We're not the type who talk everyday but when we do meet up... we talk a lot!!!
So there are a lot of things about each other still undiscovered.
Doesn't change how we know we have each other's back thru whatever that happens, though.
That's what friends are for. Thankful for him no matter what.

Hope you guys enjoy this post since it's a lil different!

And yes, I've always wanted to do a video with CY but he refuses cos he is apparently too shy and 'cannot do these kinda things'!!!
I am still trying to convince him and hopefully one day he will relent.
Can't wait to be reunited with him on Wednesday... life has not been normal without him around
Just a lil more to go :D


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  1. Hi Rachel,

    Would like to ask if there is any clinic you would recommend for facial fillers to be done? Thks!

  2. Hi Rachel may I know where u get your white top from? Thank you!


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