September 24, 2013

Saturday's visuals....
A lazy day : Shopping / Visiting Grandma / Chilling at Ted's

"There is something prettier about a wedding gown than all the other gowns in the world"
I can't wait for my day, whenever it be. 

Latest read. Good ol' Chick Lit!!!!! (Chick Literature)

Also made some new friends at Ted's place. The tallest one right there cost him 11k...... damn crazy.... but sho cute!!!

On to my #OOTD : 
Posted this on instagram but am gonna share about this on my blog as well so here's the post!

Almost all white errrthing. Sooo super in love with my pretty as hell outerwear ~~

It's from THETHRIFTHAUL who stocks plenty of other trendy items!

“TheThriftHaul, an online fashion boutique based in Singapore.

Our aim is to bring in fashion apparels inspired by the world street-style to you. As 

most of our products are handpicked from across different countries, therefore every 

design is limited. “

TheThriftHaul will be launching grab bags together with weekly new arrivals 

on 24/09/2013 (8pm). 

Fastest Finger First!  Only limited slots available. 

More details over at the web-store on launch date, so stay tune!

Follow TheThriftHaul on Instagram: @thethrifthaul

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  1. the tube top from where? :D thanks


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