Dinner + Zouk : Meet the Aokis

September 23, 2013

Saturday afternoon was spent visiting my grandma in hospital again but this time with my sis and mom as well as CY before heading to town to work on my school project with my groupmates.

For those who kindly asked and showed concern - she is a lot better now, even rejecting the hospital food and having cravings for Charsiew Baos and Mooncakes!!!!! Made us all laugh when she asked us to go buy some for her. Pity that she usually is only able to eat one bite before feeling like she doesn't wanna eat anymore... It is bad but hopefully the nurses and doctors can help keep her nutrition-ed for as long as possible..... Anyway the reason for her mild stroke was a little clot in her brain. It can be fixed with surgery but it is her choice as well as ours not to put her through anymore pain. Although this is almost like just waiting for another stroke (it is highly likely according to the doctor) and it is life-threatening, at least it is less painful. And brain surgery is not an easy thing to recover from or go thru when you are 88 years old as well..... For now the important thing is for us to spend time with her.
It was also so heartwarming to watch CY with her... he's only met her a few times but there he was tucking her in, making her laugh.. even tickling her toes that she kept giggling at! 

Being to the hospital this often over the past few days and seeing all the sick people there made me think a lot as well. Life is really pretty damn fragile and if you think about it, at that last point in your life, lying there on a hospital bed - what and who really matters? Will how much money you make or how good you look matter then? Or will the people and relationships you foster over your lifetime matter? Some of the negative stuff we hold on to really doesn't matter that much if you think about it. I myself know of too many things I can't let go of but I am going to and focus on my dreams, and happiness and of course, the people I love. That's what really matters in the end.


Town after.... looked at wedding dresses and got wedding fever. Can't help it. I'm just a girl like that. Lol.
Anyway I'll be blogging about the webstore that sent me this pretty outerwear real soon ~ Post is drafted and ready to be posted at the request of the webstore owner! (Fun fact : Did you know I only sit down and blog one or two times a week (usually every Sunday night) despite having up to 4 posts up in a week? I usually can't stop so I end up drafting everything and scheduling it in advance. This helps me make sure I can work solely on my school work during the weekdays! It gets tiring and I still have a lot of homework as art school often does but I love my part time job so no complaints here!!!)

Met up with Eka for dinner and he brought us to this nice Zichar place at Buona Vista and we were so impressed! Every dish we had was yummy, especially the chicken wings and XO beehoon soup!
I don't have the address but I'll ask Eka again and tweet it k!

Every dish was yummy so yup, nothing much to say except that! Lol.
Pork Ribs in sweet sauce!!!

Ngoh hiang, which I SUPER LOVEEEEEEEEEE......

****STAR DISH**** Prawn paste chicken wings. SO GOOD. Crispy, tasty, and not too salty. You can really taste the 'prawnyness' of it. LOL.

They are famous for this XO beehoon fish soup but I don't like thick beehoon so I'm not a huge fan. CY finished most of this while Eka and I watched. And I drank a bowl of the soup!


11pm we were sitting around and decided to head down to Zouk since Ted was back and he was going + Steve Aoki was spinning! My first time hearing his set live. I was a lil excited!
We drove home from town, changed under 30 mins and drove back to Zouk!!!
Some true YOLO moment there ok, cos we were damnnnnnn tired. Woke up so early to visit my Mama. 
CY was quite funny when we were talking in the car otw to Zouk. He told me he feels bad cos I always have to hang out with him and his friends who are all older and called himself an 'uncle'. Like he said at my age I should be partying every week and having a lot of fun instead of sitting around most of the time and being boring. But I guess I'm not that interested in the crazy lifestyle anyway since my health isn't very good and I much prefer to laze around with books/TV series or play with Chloe.

Anyway we thankfully were at Member's and didn't have to go in by the front cos IT WAS DAMN CRAZY CROWDED!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE REALLY DAMN EPIC CROWDED.

Tired face.

Here is a video I took of Steve Aoki throwing his 3rd cake hahhahahah

It was fun and all and his music is good but yknow what was the most amazing thing of the night?!?!?!?!?!


I am such a fangirl ok!??!?! I have loved her for a long time, and finally got to see her in the flesh. She is beyond gorgeous and I love that she has a lil meat on her bones. 
Here is my pathetic shot of her cos I was far away, nowhere near the stage which obviously was full of crazy party people.

Some party picturesssss

BTW isn't his cap nice? It's my birthday gift to him and I think it's one of the nicest caps around. Thanku to the Saejee brothers for helping me get it from the states since it isn't avai like anywhere?!!

Jalan Kayu for prata after. It was so oily I felt a bit sick. 
Then back home....
But not before taking some outfit pictures.
All black errrthang.

It is going to be a VERY busy week for me this week cos of my major project for school + a presentation tomorrow amongst a museum visit and some appointments that I can't miss........

Hopefully my body can take it and I won't fall sick.

Wishing everyone a great week ahead as well!


  1. your eyebrows are perfect here!

  2. may i know where you got that pair of shoes, the brand and the price of the shoes. Thank you


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