Every Summer Has a Story

September 19, 2013

I want a love that is crazy. So crazy that I can't breathe.
I want him to love me entire, through every moment we spend together. 
It doesn't matter how long we spend it together because we will make every moment count.
He will see me for whoever I really am through every moment. And still love me.
The crazy ones. The ones where I lose control because I can't help but be damaged. 
The happy ones. The ones we experience not just happiness. 
But euphoria.
I will run my hand through his hair and feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

We'll sing while walking through quiet streets at 3am because he can sing, and well, we're both scared.
We'll travel spontaneously, it may be somewhere near or somewhere far. It doesn't matter. 
We'll stay up and talk about our dreams hand in hand and wake up together to have breakfast in bed without brushing our teeth. 

We'll get angry. 
We'll scream at each other, cry, and break things. We will care.
We'll care too much. 

But above all, we will cherish every single moment because it's the work of fate. Somehow, we were supposed to do all of that, together. 

It may sound crazy, but that is the love I want. 
Anything less will not do.


Been a while since I last wrote.
Pardon me, and my late night thoughts...