Gotta Love Saturdays

September 30, 2013

I love the weekends as I'm sure everyone else does!
Especially cos this week has been SOOOOO crazy. 5 hour sleep every night and full days in school till 9pm or later..... Busy planning our huge project which is a photoshoot but it's all over and done with on Friday ~~

Headed down to the Reebonz event I blogged about!

Went a lil crazy as usual..... HAHA. Every girl does at every sale right?!

Happily trying on shoes for almost 2 hours??!!! 
My poor daddy and bf were waiting for me for so long and they didn't complain at all!!! Hahah super poor thing. I'm so blessed.

Bought a pair of shoes from Schutz and almost got these Gucci heels as well but decided not to get em after all cos I doubt I'll wear them often... or even more than 3 times....

Fell in love with this cute lil Birkin but the price tag is 15k and it's sooooo tiny!!!!! 


Headed to his army friend's place after that and made friends. Played MJ with the girls while the boys talked about.... YOU GUESSED IT.... ARMY... HAHAA. Nice to meet everyone anyway :)

Off after that to meet Chai and the rest!
They were playing pool ~

Did what I do best LOL. Super tired face.. but nevermind la, you guys have already seen my face without makeup what is some smudged makeup and 2am face gonna change right?!

Because the poor girlfriends were bored to death Chai suggested we go play darts!

This beer + Darts place at Bugis+ is actually pretty cool. I foresee us hanging out there quite a bit more. 

Of course CY and I had to challenge!!!!

And he won. No big surprise cos I kinda suck, only got bullseye twice by luck. HAHA.

Ended up drinking a whole cup of beer cos I lost. And yes, CY and I are serious about games. When we bet on a cup/a shot/anything at all.. WE WILL KEEP TO IT NO CHANCES ARE GIVEN! I guess that's just part of us, we're bestfriends more than lovers sometimes... we like to play around and not the lovey dovey couple type hahahaa.

So yes his win was quite epic, it was a close score, but his face when he threw the dart.... not much of a winner's face.... look at it.....

Home at 4am and knocked out till... 1pm. BEST SLEEP EVER. Was so blissed out.
Something different is always good once in a while!

Back to school, work... the usual stuff. I give myself Saturdays to enjoy myself and work hard the rest of the week! 

"If you think adventures are dangerous, try routine. It's lethal."

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  1. hey babe where is your top from? love it!


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