Sattttturday K

September 2, 2013

Super chill Saturday - we spent the day at home just watching TV and nua-ing....
Decided to head out to have crab for dins with Papa Wong at Joo Chiat ~

Got changed quickly... threw on this cute flora crochet top from YOUNGHUNGRYFREE and shorts and left the house within 15 minutes!

Dinner was at Ubin seafood restaurant which is a lil restaurant my parents found a long time ago and we always go there for the crab!
(357 Joo Chiat Road)

Selca ~~ Daily habit. 

The food takes quite awhile here but it's worth the wait cos it's yummy. We love it!

We love this black pepper beef slice dish! Very tasty and spicy :D

And of course, the main reason we even went to the place. Chilli crab! A Singapore favourite ~
Actually Singapore is really a food haven. *Singapore pride*

Mantous for dipping!

Thank you for treating my daddy and me, TCY :D
A funny story :
 I wanted to surprise my two favourite guys by going to the cashier to pay before we finished eating... but to my surprise the cashier girl told me the bill was paid already by a guy?!?!? 
And I was like... "Which one!? The fat or skinny one?!" - much to the amusement of both the father and boyfriend. It is quite rude to call your dad 'the fat one', but it's the easiest way to tell them apart what!!! HAHAHAH.

Karoke with my dear boyfriend after that while daddy went home to rest...

Found a nice orange wall to take more outfit pictures with so I did! (Ok la, CY did. He is my official photographer hehehe)

A simple but happy Saturday. CY just spent the night singing to me all my favourite mandarin love songs with his amazing voice (he can really sing!!!!! I wish he let me post my recordings of his singing but he is very shy so I will be keeping them to myself for now haha). He also had to stand my horrible high pitched and off key singing for the whole night. I really CANNOT sing. HAHAHA.
Anyway I guess it doesn't matter where you go when you're with your bestfriend.
Can't wait for the weekends again. I got a hot date with Melvin on Saturday and I'm gonna dress up for it!


  1. Hi Rachel, may I know which eyebrow make up are you using currently and what's the colour of it?

  2. Will appreciate a reply thanks rachel!


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