September 13, 2013

Just two outfits I've worn over the last week to school ~

Rainy day in a cute cropped sweater by jumpingaround (more on this soon!) and polkadot pantzzzz. They are so cute I could wear them many more times!

And a lil bit more sporty on Monday.... can't believe I wore heels to school without bringing extra shoes. It's a huge sacrifice on the comfort level for me, wearing heels, so I usually bring extra sandals/shoes but on that day I forgot!!!!!!!
Also found the old Celine Trapeze and decided to revive it. The leather is so slouchy now but I still love how roomy it is.

I've been awake for the past.... 30 hours or so and I am so exhausted but unable to sleep. My friends say it's cos I am stressed, and maybe I am. School has been so tiring and there is so much to do other than homework. 

This weekend will be one of celebrations - it's CY's birthday weekend!
I'm so glad I managed to find what I know he'll want and love.
It's also so great to have my soulmate back. Been pretty lost without him.

More updates soon x 


24/7 Therapy

I wore this cute 2 piece set sometime last week for some errands and it was so cute I got compliments from my sister for it, something she doesn't do very often!

"For girls who loves fashion and needs trendy and edgy additions to their wardrobes, 24/7 Therapy is the place to shop! Born from a passion for shopping, we are a Singapore online retailer which started sharing our enthusiasm for fashion in 2013. At 24/7 therapy, we are explorers, constantly looking for the latest designs and trends and bringing them back for you. We look to inspire and be inspired by girls all over the world. "

They have many other items in store, trendy and cute... and reasonably priced.
Do check it out!

Happy Shoppin'!

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  1. Rach! There's this supplement by GNC that helps you to sleep better! It helps you to relax your mind and I guess lets you fall asleep more easily. I have relatives who use it and it really works for them, and I don't think it's damaging to the body? Thought it might help you! :)


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