September 7, 2013

Friday after school date at Toss&Turn (Ion Orchard) again!

I friggin love the salad here SO MUCH.
Sandwiches here are not good though... Salads are a thumbs up!
You can mix your own :D

Stylenanda knit + YoungHungryFree silk shorts.

Topshop to pick my outfit for OneWorld music festival that I'm going for 
Thank you Sam for accompanying me!

Bad hair day as you can see. 

Really lonely weekend for me cos poor me is boyfriendless. He'll only be back on Wednesday.
I'm trying my best to be independent and be strong but sighhhhhhh.

May time pass quicker this weekend for me. Looking forward to my time with Melvin on Saturday!


Peplum blouse/tunic I'm wearing here is soooo pretty/cute and I'm saving it for a special occasion to wear it!
Gonna share where I got it from....

"Infinite Pixie is an online fashion store based in Singapore focusing on womenswear. Founded in early 2011 and solely managed by Sera Lo. As of 1st January 2013, sprees are organized weekly with a minimum of 20 new arrivals and collections launched from time to time. 

We look forward to bring awesome goodies for all girls out there who have a thing for fashion. With Infinite Pixie, you can now shop online with us in your own comfort zone and await your prezzies to be delivered to your doorstep! "

Why choose Infinite Pixie?
Right-pointing black triangle Paypal fees fully absorbed + We ship worldwide
Right-pointing black triangle New arrivals updated weekly + pocket friendly prices
Right-pointing black triangle Fast Spree Process (Takes 7-10 working days to reach Singapore)
Right-pointing black triangle Free local registered postage for a single order above SGD$100

Infinite Pixie ships to wherever you are as they provide worldwide delivery! 

Mention RCHLWNGX in your order form for an extra 10% off your total bill! Promo code will end on 1st October 2013, 11.30PM (GMT+8) and promotion is eligible for all items except for items under Weekly Deals & Instock! 
Visit today ♡
Like their Facebook Page for juicy updates and weekly giveaways which you don't want to be the last to know! 

They have lotsa StyleNanda stuff and korean items so I love their webstore


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