September 4, 2013

Also made a trip down to The Cathay the other day to visit none other than SPACE INVASION - a store that sells multi-label blogshop items (clothes/shoes/undies)... and they also stock lotsa other cute and quirky stuff like terrariums/stickers/cards/skincare/accessories.... the list goes on.

Let's START!!!

It is quite refreshing to see cute things like this in the midst of clothes!

LOADSSSS of cables. I have one pink one from here that is extra long and I love it cos I can use my phone from the inside of my wardrobe from the outside of it. 

Cutest shoes ever by the designer for Katy Perry's as well. Look at all the prints!!!

The store is really big as you can see
(Wearing flora pants by YoungHungryFree)

Mae's store is here as well!

Wanted badly to bring one of these home! Cute!!!

Did bring home this cute Totoro keychain!

Me choosing stickas

Tried on some items that caught my eye! Both of these are from Mae's!
Love this skirt but it is too big ><

THESE FIT!!! I brought it home wimme :D

Plus a lot of other quirky cute stuff like these :
LOOK AT THAT CUTE POUCH!!! I am so in love with it.

And yes, this is also where I got the red headband on my head if you girls were wondering where it was from!

These minion stickers are very adorable and I had to keep em to give em to my friends!

 Overall, a refreshingly good experience shopping at Space Invasion
Thanks for having me down, I'll be back soon since it's near my school!

You can also quote "Rachel ran rings round the roman ruins" for a discount!


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