September 5, 2013

My first ever trip to STRIP to get my FIRST EVER BWAX done!!!!
I was so so nervous..... but the people at STRIP definitely made me feel better about the whole process.

STRIP recently launched their new campaign : Strip-a-licious - and I was invited to try out their Strip-a-licious brazilian wax where they use a special strawberry and chocolate strip wax for a clean strip-off and a special Ice Cream that soothes the skin for a calming finish.

For first timers like me, STRIP provides this lil booklet for you to find out more about their waxing services. There's a few pages and they are all very cute!

As you can see.... they are very experienced, so you don't have to worry.

This is the seating area ~~~ I was served a cute cup of hot lemon tea and it was very calming!!

They also explained to me very patiently that this whole 'wall' also known as a Hygiene Rack was of individual packets of sticks and gloves. So you know yours is new. They also don't practice double dipping so it is much more hygienic!

Buddies for my first session :
Left to right....
Chocolate/Strawberry chocolate. A lil gift! 
ICE CREAM. A cream for you to apply when you get home after your session. There will be some discomfort, and this cream will calm your skin down. It's very cooling so I love it!
And a cow. For me to squeeze during the session when I feel the pain/fear!

Moo moo pal really did help. Heh.

The room they led me to was cozy and comfy and I camwhored with this mirror when I was supposed to be getting changed cos the lighting is nice LOL!!!!

Just the strawberry and choco wax.... cooking ~~~

Indulge in a session of STRIP's ultimate brazilian wax combo at $25 (U.P. $62 by purchasing a voucher HERE)

Apply a promo code 'RachelW' for additional 10% off ~

I left STRIP, 'pruned' and clean!
Take a pic with this ice cream standee, instagram it @stripSG to get a $10 voucher from STRIP.

Happy 'stripping'!


  1. Hi Rachel, mind sharing where you got your flats from please? And the black one in the SPACE Invasion post. Thank You!

  2. Hey Rachel! Which part did you get waxed? The underarms?

  3. hi! can you share where's your top from? :)

  4. Hi rachel, may i know what lens you're wearing and whats the code? thanks!

  5. Hi Rachel, did the waxing hurt? : O


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