The Boy's 23rd

September 17, 2013

Brought my 23 going on 3 year old boyfriend out for dinner to celebrate his birthday on Saturday night after my flea market thing!
 I chose DOZO for this occasion cos I've been wanting to try it and thought he would definitely enjoy the food there as there are 7 courses = very filling and he eats like a monster!!! 

It's a Japanese fusion restaurant I think, but how it works is there are 7 courses and you basically just choose your fav for each course. If you're a fan of beef, or seafood, or chicken... there's definitely something for you.
Each course comes immediately - there's not much waiting at all?!?! That's what I love about this restaurant most!

Some sour plum 'shots' at the start to make us hungry ~~~

We loved these cute lil starters, small but very tasty.

Sides for him

For me... I loved this salad's dressing. Very sour, just the way I like it!

Escargots for meeee!!! LOVE!!!!

Soft Shell Crab tempura for him...

In-house mushroom blended soup. I loved it. A bit 'gilat' but very hearty.

His seafood soup~~

Greedy meeeee

Finally our mains!!!
We were SUPER full up to this point. I told him "Bay, I'm so full already how...." and expected him to say "I'll help you finish" like he usually does but he said "Me too...."

This is supposedly beef but it actually tastes like 'terkah' (pig trotters, a traditional chinese dish)

Beefy main... I love beef leh...

THIS DRINK WAS DAMN GOOD. Some kinda fruity drink and it was damn yummy I was so happy with my choice!!!

Chocolate molten lava cake with vanilla ice cream. My favourite out of all the courses. Desserts :DDD

His matcha ice cream. Not a fan of green tea desserts...


And a lil surprise cake for him with his name on it and all...!

Happy birthday to the love of my life! Third birthday I'm celebrating with this monkey.

Wishing you all the happiness/love/success in the world. And to many more birthdays together.

Black dress, thank you to Jordus xx

Zouk after that with his group of friends eh eh eh eh eh ah ah ah ah ah ~~~~

And from the next few photos, you would know we had too much to drink already. HAHA...

My pictures with the boy took a lot of tries.
This awkward position. I think it was probably trying to be loving and stuff. AHAHAHA.

Him kissing me 

And a nicer one of me kissing him!




  1. Dear Rachel

    Can I know where did you get your heels from?

  2. Hi Rachel.
    Would like to know how much is your silver chanel bracelet? The one with gold chanel logo over it... Did you get it recently? I would like to get it for my girlfriend as she mentioned to me it's very pretty and she saw you wearing it.

  3. Hey Rachel! How much did this meal cost you? Thanks in advance : )


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