September 11, 2013

School as per usual on a Wednesday at Newton's new campus ~

I don't know if it's obvious or noticeable but I really love to wear white. Much of my wardrobe is white, and it is so addictive to keep buying even more white items especially if it's lacey or crotchet-ish - I like how sweet it looks!

Anyway it's just a random outfit post this time and to share my love of WHITE!

Can't wait for the flea this Saturday (more details below), really hope to see y'all there


  1. where are your shoes and top from?

  2. Hi rachel, this is shopmiyage here! Ive sent you an email, hope you will get back to me soon! Thanks alot :D

  3. Hi rachel do you mind sharing where you get your black sandals from? :)


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