October 23, 2013

I'm pretty damn excited : this is my 1000th post here on my blog :') 
I wanted to reflect on this privately at first. But then I thought, why not share with all my readers who actually made this possible right? It makes so much more sense!

Yknow, now and then I get that occasional hate comment (...especially when my pic goes on the popular page on instagram. That minority of weird people on instagram are truly weird/full of hate towards Asians etc....!) and I'm pretty 'used to it', not because of anything, but simply cos I know that's a bit of a price to pay, it's what comes with doing my job.

I don't even consider this a job. Sometimes, yes, it gets difficult. Stressful when big clients engage you and I have moments where I don't know if I'm deserving of such jobs. Or when some people aren't the easiest people to work with. It's not always easy.

But it mostly is! 
I am basically living my humble little dream now : 
I've gotten the things I have always wanted as a kid.
- 1 was to support myself cos i saw how hard my parents both worked themselves so hard to support my sister and I. 
- 2 was to travel :  near or far, didn't matter, as long as it was to a new place/fun place

I've been doing 1 since I started blogging... And 2. I haven't been to that many but I can check BKK off the list FIVE TIMES no less, and Tokyo off the list too! Tokyo had literally always been the first place I wanted to visit since I was a kid.

Yes you could say I'm living the 'dream' now. My dream. You see. I'm still studying in Lasalle and that's very important to me, so a job like blogging which is so incredibly flexible is simply perfect as a part time job outside of school. I do have days where I get SO tired, when I have school from morning till night and then I still gotta draft posts and reply emails, or re-draft them according to the client's preference. My friends and schoolmates tell me they admire how I juggle it both cos art school workload is craaaazy, and for awhile I did struggle with juggling both but now I've found my way. It does get tiring but yknow, it's been 1000 posts. And I still love what I do. It's never been a job to me, sharing about my life. I'm just that sorta person. Good news, I wanna tell the world. Bad news, I wanna tell the world too! I've always been this sort of a person, very open. 
I've the best friends and the best family, and am basically very content with my life. Of course there is always room for improvement and I'll keep on working hard on improving myself where I fall short.

I've learnt a lot throughout this period of time... grew up through the good and the bad experiences that have come my way. You would have probably read about it if you've been following my blog for a long time. My bad health, crazy workload, birthdays and celebrations... everything.
I'll always be so super thankful for the people who gave me my first few jobs, as well as all the jobs I've ever gotten. Thank you for believing in me.
The same goes to my friends/family who never fail to be there for me when I get upset/stressed with everything or just to help me out with photos/opinions/suggestions for blogposts... I'm thankful to have people like you in my life. Real and true.
Thank you as well to my haters, it sounds crazy, but you've actually taught me to love myself and everything around me even more. 

And of course my readers. Thank you so much for reading my blog :*
It's been awhile now. But I remember this one comment an anon left... (went to find it in my entries to copy the exact one here) : "hey first time commenting on your blog. Really love this post. I like how you share your personal life with your readers. Not many just hate and judge, there are plenty of us who really care. :) All the best and support you always!"

And it stuck with me always as well. Thank you so much for leaving that comment. 
There will always be the few who hate/judge/kaypoh... but then there are those who really care and I am beyond grateful and thankful for your support/love. 

I will keep working hard and staying true to myself! I promise x

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  1. Hello rachel, i only recently discovered your instagram & blog (maybe around 3 months back?) & i'm extremely impressed with how you are so young but yet, you have the capacity & ability to juggle lasalle (which is notorious for being piling work on her students) and also blogging & also, modelling.

    although i do envy you for being able to carry designer goods (something which i hope i can afford to so in the near future), i really admire the fact that you're not one who flaunts (unlike some people i know) your wealth around.

    do keep up with your awesome blogging, God bless Xx


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