October 8, 2013

 I have been waiting for SOOOO long to post an entry about Just Tangy!

They're the ones who introduced me to CC SKYE, (a brand that has been around for a long time, but turtle me didn't know about it!!!), and I love CC Skye's accessories so much ~
Great for everyday wear!

This is the first day I wore the snake python bracelet that JUSTTANGY sent me!

Been wearing it pretty often, with my Pandora as well...

And they also sent me this amazingly pretty Angelica Mini ring by Lucien Elements.
The craftwork is exquisite, ultra pretty.. and the Swarovski crystals are so shiny!!!
This is the Snow edition so the 'wings' are coated with some white stuff that looks like snow and it's so special... I really love this ring a lot :')
Comes in 4 colours but I chose Snow, rose gold.

"JUST TANGY is a local online store founded by Sarah Tang, who is an avid online shopper and a fan of exclusive international designer brands.She finds magic in bringing emerging international brands, which are highly sought after but unavailable locally, making them more exclusive and special to own. These brands are carefully selected for their exclusiveness, unique design and popularity.From the high fashion of New York City, the iconic CC Skye Jewelry featured on TV Shows Gossip girl to the artistic handmade pieces Murano Jewelry from Italy Venice, JUST TANGY aims to carry brands, which brings life into the owner, a distinctive flavor or tanginess to their personality and outfit."

Here's more info on cc skye and lucien elements 

A special discount code for my readers : RACHELxJUSTTANGY for 5% off lucien elements!

Do sign up for the newsletter - because they have promo codes and updates only for people who sign up !

And check out their instagram as well @Justtangysg for reviews and pictures...

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