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October 11, 2013

I was quite happy to get an email from LightedCigar - I have this lil soft spot for new blogshops cos I know how much effort goes into one and it's always nice to see girls passionate enough about something to pour their $$ into doing something like this just cos they love it!

LightedCigar, I feel, has a nice mix of basics more than anything else and you will love their stuff for their functionality and practicality in SG's hot weather!

I personally picked a simple grey cardigan to keep me warm on rainy days/in the classrooms that are sooo cold and I love it! It is shredded here and there so it's not just another boring cardigan

Here are their other items in their new arrivals, which are also their first collection!

Founded in Sept 2013, Lightedcigar is a Singapore based online retail that brings in up to date and affordable apparels ranging from dresses to cardigans. Have fun shopping girls!

“People will stare. Make it worth their while” 

Also check them out on INSTAGRAM @lightedcigar

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  1. What lipstick are you wearing its so pretty! :)


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