{AD} TheVogueScene x Sandwich Date

October 9, 2013

This advertorial is going to be slightly different  - I'll be blogging about my little date with Alissa as well, the day I wore my new super cute stripey top from TheVogueScene!

First a lil sneak preview of the top ~~
I had MUCH less than enough sleep on this day if I remember correctly. Hence, this tired face.

Found this place at Somerset and decided to try it cos weeeee loveeeeee breaddddddddd.

This girl is forever unwilling to take pics with me... SIGH.

The sandwiches were so-so. I love the bread of the sandwich that I believed is freshly baked (hence the name) and it has raisins in it which I love even more, but the cheese and ham and letuuce on the inside was pretty mehhhh. Hot choco was totally yummy tho!

Some marble cheesecake that I though was gonna be yummy but was pretty disappointing in the end.

The place is nice but the food isn't something I'll go back for! 
Glad to have tried it though, cos it's not my first time coming across the nice smells from the place - fresh bread smells like heaven on earth to me!

Back to the top I need to gush about -

As you can see, it fits me super well and I believe it is stretchy enough to fit girls up to UK8/10 as well!
The tag actually says AA and the quality is really just as good, for a fraction of the price. 

TheVogueScene also has a lot of other casual wear that you will wanna have in your wardrobe for those days where you just don't wanna dress up cos you're not going anywhere special anyway ~~ YKNOW, THOSE DAYS.

I love their more colouful pieces as well other than the monotone ones but I'm pretty boring like I said, and you can never go wrong with stripes ok!

Here's some of their other items :

Fashion is subjective, but everyone can definitely find something they like at Thevoguescene. With lots of pretty apparels selected with care, we promise to send stuff that looks as good as it does in the pictures! Watch out for more future collections to come.
They will be launching at 8.30pm tmr!

SHOP NOW AT : thevogue-scene.blogspot.com

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Do email me at rachelwongz@hotmail.com for more details 

Thank you!!!


  1. I'm an avid reader of your blog alongside w some other blogs such as Eunice Annabel's. However, I really love refreshing your blog coz you update so frequently and reading the new posts on your blog really helps to spice up my boring life!! Please keep blogging alot and be happy :D

  2. You are so super beautiful with your very minimal make-up! (: love it <3


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