{AD} TheVogueScene

October 28, 2013

I'm back with another post for TheVogueScene!

They've taken up a bit of a package with me so you'll be seeing them here quite often :D
I like their casual and basic stuff, easy to wear with anything to go to school or just a lunch date. Their stuff fits me well as well, you can check out my first post for them HERE : http://www.rchlwngx.com/2013/10/ad-thevoguescene-x-sandwich-date.html
Also, delivery is quick which is very important cos I'm such an impatient person HAHA.

This time I kept a white bralet that I think will also look super great with a pair of denim shorts/jeans.
Love the cutting, it's not too revealing and fits well with a zip closure ~~

Check out their other new arrivals ~

Here are some of my other picks from this collection :

Do quote my name RCHLWNGX for 5% off!!!

SHOP NOW AT : thevogue-scene.blogspot.com


Also wanna share a short feature on the webstore that sent me this white skirt that I matched with the bralet!
It's super tight and I love that cos my waist is a lil freakishly small cos my bones are tiny (not cos I'm skinny) and it fits me so well! The length, cutting... everything.

It's from AA Line, a new name to my blog.

Shop with em today! They have a new collection that you wouldn't wanna miss ~~~



  1. Babe! Where can we get a denim jacket like yours? :D Thanks!

  2. sorry just wanna ask if the skirt is sheer ?


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