Adventure Time

October 17, 2013

There's pretty much nothing I look forward to more than having some good ol' alone time to go 'paktor' with CY. We've been dating for so long, and there's really nothing 'new' to explore unless we go overseas but that's not possible cos I don't have a school break just yet...

So we spent a day in this sunny island having good local food and playing darts & singing karaoke!

Started the day off with my personal fav - Jln Tua Kong Mee Pok! It's sooo good ok. I always order Kway Teow though cos I don't like any kinda yellow noodles.
It's at Simpang Bedok and it should be the stall next to Guardian :)

Home to nua and then we headed to Katong for Laksa!!!! I loveee the Otah here, so good... 
But the laksa was a bit too rich. Felt quite sick after finishing slightly more than half a bowl.

Finished both Otahs by myself. CY ordered another for himself. HAHA. I love Otah!!!!!! (If you don't know what it is, it's some kinda spicy fish cake wrapped in a pandan leaf.)

Dart competition time at Katong Shopping Centre's pool place. OMG. We freaking love this game now. And I'm getting really good at it. From not even being able to hit the board AHAHAHAHAH to being able to aim - I even hit right at the bullseye!!!! Won 3 games out of 7. Cy's very good at it as well.

I prefer this place to the one at Bugis+ cos they have pink darts!!!!! Sho cuteeee.


Gameface on. 

*beams proudly*

MY DART!!!! Not is it just double bullseye, it's right smack in da middle of it ok. Damn zai. HAHa. I am so prouda myself, feel like I can go compete alrdy :')

Karoke was awesome as well but as usual CY won't let me upload his singing. I can just listen to him singing 24/7 lol. #fangirling

Abrupt end to this post.
Can't wait for more time like this. Really need it.


Also, I'm excited to be sharing bout this lil blogshop called LePlainJane!
"Leplainjane is a newly launched womenswear blogshop based in Singapore. Its all about bringing out fashion in classic, simple with a twist of urban-modern."

I picked this cute crotchet off the shoulder top! 
It's definitely very casual - suitable for a day at the beach/park/somewhere with nature probably haha!! I think it'll look great matched with blue jeans, but the weather these days... too crazy hot. Looks great with anything denim. Also available in black!

More pics of other stuff they have available!

Check them out on Instagram @leplainjane 

Happy shoppin'!!!!

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