Chill Sunday

October 19, 2013

Decided to head out on Sunday evening just to chill - was running about in the day and got home to change to slippers ~
Wanted to wear this denim jacket but changed my mind - switched to the crotchet outerwear (you'll see below) instead!

I love love love the pair of shorts I'm wearing in this pic!!!! It's frilly, fitting, and sooo cute!!!!
More on where I got it from below after this entry

I was craving for BKT... so that's where we went.

Crotchet outerwear I was talking about earlier - and check out the peranakan style tiles behind me.... I super like these kinda designs! Very traditional and pretty. 

If you're wondering where this place is, it's Ng Ah Sio BKT branch at Tanjong Katong Road.
Easy to google and find it!

Ordered this amount of food for just us two. 我们俩是贪吃鬼!

Please order the most expensive bowl of BKT, I dunno the difference in which part of the pig the meat is from, but the meat is sooo much softer and yummier in the more expensive bowl! You always get what you pay for ~~

Second dinner after (we ate a lil bit here and there like rabbits hahaha) with CY's family. It was his aunt's birthday! So cute that they wanted to have dinner at the zichar place near my home. It's my fav as well. Changi Simei CC. Try the cereal tofu! To die for.


As mentioned at the start of the post : I'm gonna share bout where I got this super cute pair of frilly shorts from!

It's from none other than ThePetiteRose whom I've worked with before and have been super impressed by their big variety of clothes that I don't see anywhere else along with trendy items!

Back to these shorts - 
I have the same pair in white as well - that's all the colours one really needs, right?!
The material is actually a bit like linen and it's super comfy, fits me just right as well.

Go get your frilly shorts too - promise you will LOVE em.

They are now part of the Blogshopping at Far East Plaza! And as of 1 Nov, they will be at Blogshopping Bugis as well :)

Snap your outfit of the day in thepetiterose apparels and tag em at @thepetiterose #thepetiterose to stand a chance to win a$10 voucher or to be featured in their instagram too! 

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Instagram: @thepetiterose


  1. Your outfit is adorable!!! Do you have a full photo of your crochet outerwear? It looks really cute!

    xx Patricia

  2. you totally is a competent blogger =) love ur post always


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