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October 29, 2013

It has literally been almost a year since I had blonde hair and I think many people know me as the Rachel with the blonde hair...  (hahhahaha) 
But I finally made the brave decision to darken it today at my favourite salon in the world!

I was soo afraid of it not turning out pretty and afraid of change... but the blonde was taking toll on my scalp and I don't wanna damage it too much. Showed my stylist Bryan some pics of the gradient brown I wanted and he did it perfectly.
Got a shock when they removed the towel cos it felt weird to see such a dark colour on my head but after the new Amino Privy treatment + blowdrying... 
I fell in love :,*)
The colour is so amazing!!!!! Ashy, just the way I like it, with the prefect texture/gradient!
CY also told me I am prettier now. HAHA. He likes me with dark hair for I dunnnooo what reason!

Thank you so much for making my hair pretty without fail and giving me a great experience every single time I visit! Hair is so important so I'm thankful I have an awesome hair sponsor who always makes time for me and listens to exactly what I want while advising against what doesn't suit me. Big love.


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  1. Really suits you Rachel! I've always wanted gradient hair~

    LIVE . IN . LOVE ✞



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