Halloween 2013

October 27, 2013

So this would be the first ever post I'm doing on halloween cos it's the first time I ever celebrated halloween!!!!! 

Why this year.... simply cos my friends were all talking about it, so I wanted to get involved as well, and CY said it'd be fun since now I'm not so afraid of people in costumes. Hehee.
We decided to head down to Zouk and my close friends Ji and Alissa were gna be policewomen with me hahhahh!!

Our get-ups were quite effort ok??!?! Cap + badge + handcuffs + gun. I lost my badge halfway thru the night though. Got really drunk... lol.

So this is our first time celebrating halloween together despite having been together for almost 3 years.... Just me casually arresting SCREAM. Hahahahaha.

He sent me off to Zouk after that pic to party with ma fweeenssss ~~
Thankful for my understanding and trusting bf. Heehee.

Mandatory toilet shot with my babygalssss. Hahahahahaha.

And me looking very red. 

Headed off to DREAM after that to find CY and his friends. They were also partying haaaard and almost wasted by the time I got there lol!

I asked him after this pic was taken if he was posing or if it was an unglam shot and he said yes he was posing.... 

Like ma older bro ~

And some pic with a random dude. CY's face uh.....

Ok I got home super drunk without shoes. Haven't drank like this in a long time so once in awhile is ok.
Also think it made my cramps worse so thus I'm crippled in bed today.... blogging and doing my homework since I can't even move.

It was a really fun night though!!!!
Glad I celebrated it, seeing so many people in costumes.. some were really very full of effort. 
Some of my favs were Power Rangers/Ironman/THOR.

Gonna go all out next year, spend more time on my costume heheee.
Meanwhile I am also gonna be working very hard in school. Assessment is nearing, I can smell it already. Kinda also already counting down to Xmas. Hehee.

Have a great week ahead guys!

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  1. Did you bleach your eyebrow??
    If not how do you do the colouring that is similar colour to your hair colour?


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