Manbok // Mama&Papa's 29th

October 2, 2013

Saturday's evening outfit to Manbok to celebrate my mom and dad's 29th wedding anniversary and for them to try korean BBQ for the very first time!

Yknow, love is not always a fairytale... in reality, real love is a couple that stays together thru all the crazy bills/naughty kids/stressful lives... 
My dad still makes my mom breakfast ever so often or buys her whatever he knows she likes to eat to surprise her. I really wanna marry a dude like my dad. He's a real life prince charming!
Thankful for my parents for showing me what that is like by example.

Hair up!!!

I super love Manbok's BBQ. Could have it everyday if it wasn't so unhealthy!!!!
We ordered the beef set plus pork belly :D

Kimchi Pancakes!

116 Neil Road



  1. Hi rachel, may I know how much your chanel bracelet & cartier love ring costs respectively?


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