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October 31, 2013

I feel so bad even though it's only been a day since I updated here!
I guess I just have this super sticky relationship with my blog. HAHA.

Anyway just a short post today, a midweek update because I have been SOOO busy with school/ads. I am so swamped with work cos of my lil instagram deal 2 weeks ago on top of school work. Response was great but now I have to work really hard on the ads! Hopefully the webstore owners understand and I am really thankful for the support!

School has been really crazy and the next two weeks are gonna be crazy as well, ASSESSMENTSSSSS. The big word. We're all gonna look like sleepless zombies soon. But somehow I love it. It makes us better. Can't believe I only have 1 more sem to go in Lasalle. 

Back to pictorial updates! Some you might have seen on instagram, twitter, or FB, but some I haven't posted. Making do with mobile uploads cos my bags to school have been heavy, I haven't been bringing my camera to play....

Selfie time. I really love my new hair! 

Made friends with another big black hat. Upcoming ad for the blouse on the inside, knit shorts from YoungHungryFree and jacket in c/o Topshop SG.

And tried on GH's amazing CK boots. Wish I could steal em ><

Mirror in the hallway

My other other half looking real cute

And me just taking yet another selfie wahahaha.

Full outfit pic with new boots! Find out where I got em on instagram and remember to quote my name for $2 off!

Managed to get an appointment for a full body massage. I really needed one so I was very happy! 

It's been a tiring 3 days so far. Desperately need some fuel for the rest of the week!

Can time just pass slower and quicker at the same time whenever I want?
"Make progress or make excuses."
I know what I want and I will make it mine.

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  1. I was wondering where did you get your leath jacket from?


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