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October 14, 2013

Headed out on Friday night for girl's night out ~~ 

It has been a really tough week. 4 submissions for school, and a crazy amount of emails/blog work to do. I really wanted to let loose a lil and so did my friends so we decided to go parrrrty. Haha.

OOTD was all in black, I am starting to like black more these days, but not more than my favourite white just yet!!

Toss and Turn for dins instead of ramen cos we loveesssss Toss and Turn. Best salad ever, so yummy.

Proper OOTD shot with shoes and all - Top from RunwayBandits, pants from TheScarletRoom.

Mink to chill and drink a little first...
BTW, love my new chin - more on this in my next DRx post!!!!!!! :'D

And Zouk after that - the music was good that night, really had fun. Pity my head starting throbbing at 2ish and I had to bear with it :(

Sofie and Red, been sucha long time!

Party pictures !@#$%^

Home for an hour of sleep and some painkillers and I woke up to attend CY's POP at 7am in the morning... Truly prouda you. 


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  1. Hi Rachel. May I know the brand and colour of your lipstick in this post?

    Thanks! :)


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