R is for Rachel

October 31, 2013

R is for Rachel x Blue Tartan 

Nail set for the month of November done by none other than my dearest Belle of GLITZYFINGERS.
This has gotta be one of my favourite sets done by her.

If you're wondering how the design of my monthly nails are made, it's actually just Belle and I planning and discussing what we wanna do every time. I show her pictures of what I like, and we tweak it to what both of us agree will look good together.

I used to like very plain nails, red nails or black glitter... but after I met Belle, everything has changed!

Here is a full post on her lil nail salon : http://www.rchlwngx.com/2013/05/glitzyfingers-saturday-night.html

And 8100 7353 is the number to text/call for an appointment!
So thankful for my sponsors. I am a very blessed girl and I am always grateful!


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